Fivetran CEO: Competitive Analytics Requires Modern Architecture

At Tableau Conference 2019, George Fraser explained why the best analytics programs incorporate automated data integration and cloud data warehouse technology.
February 13, 2020

In a presentation at Tableau Conference 2019, Fivetran CEO George Fraser argued that the most successful analytics programs and their underlying data architectures incorporate two groundbreaking technologies:

  1. Cloud data warehouses: linearly scalable, incredibly fast, and cheaper than on-prem and OLTP databases by orders of magnitude
  2. Automated data integration: prebuilt, zero-maintenance connectors that enable in-warehouse transformations and automatically adapt to schema and API changes

Combine these technologies with a BI tool in a modern data stack and you have a powerful and efficient analytics program, fueled by every data source your business uses.

In the presentation video below, you'll also learn how to resolve many of the toughest data engineering and analytics challenges you'll face as you try to improve your analytics practice, including:

  • How to overcome the limitations of traditional ETL tools and in-house solutions
  • Why you should use a single cloud data warehouse and segment data logically within it, as opposed to creating multiple warehouses
  • When you need a data lake and when you don't
  • Why normalized schemas should be the foundation of your warehouse
  • When it makes sense to directly query a normalized schema
  • Why SQL is the best transformation and modeling tool
  • How to accelerate analytics with prebuilt templates and dashboards

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