New Destination: Microsoft Azure Synapse

Use Fivetran to replicate and sync your applications, databases, event logs and file stores into your central Microsoft Azure Synapse.
August 28, 2018

Now you can use Fivetran as your secure data pipeline to replicate and sync a wide and expanding array of source data—applications, databases, event logs, and file stores—into your central Microsoft Azure Synapse. Check out the setup guide and get started today.

Microsoft Cloud Warehouse Steps Up Performance With Second-Generation Compute

Boasting superior query performance, Azure Synapse Gen 2 has raised the bar. With increased performance on data warehouse benchmarks (Gigaom Research, 2018) and per-node data movement rates of up to one-gigabyte per second per node (ZDNet, July 2018), Microsoft has continued to push boundaries with its cloud data warehouse technology.

The Fivetran and Microsoft advantage: Fivetran makes it simple for business analysts and other non-engineers across your enterprise to use SQL—or any BI tool—to query Azure Synapse and gain profound insight into the business. Fivetran automatically fetches and syncs data from more than 90 sources, including Marketo, MixPanel, Oracle on Amazon RDS, Azure Blob Storage, DoubleClick, LinkedIn Ads, Netsuite SuiteAnalytics, and Salesforce.

Why Fivetran?

Fivetran technology delivers data into your warehouse—the right way. Fivetran enables companywide, data-backed decisions using solutions driven by analyst needs. We’re focused, transparent, and trusted by businesses that embrace agile analytics. What’s more, we adhere to industry-leading security standards for connecting to, replicating, and loading data from all your sources into cloud based warehouses. In addition to Microsoft Azure Synapse, Fivetran supports loading data into Snowflake, Google BigQuery, and Amazon Redshift.

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