Alexa Fogarty

Growth Marketing Manager
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How Parachute Home builds a hugely successful brand with NetSuite data

Fivetran helps fix pain points as Frontify grows its branding platform

Schüttflix, a construction marketplace, uses Fivetran as its digital building block

How Fivetran centralised DOUGLAS’ 200+ data sources

Fivetran feeds Nando’s appetite for data

MyCamper Starts Data-Driven Journey With Fivetran

Westwing boosts marketing ROI with Fivetran

GroupM delivers vital client insights with Fivetran

Memrise makes online learning smarter with Fivetran

Kuda credits Fivetran and data visibility for growing bank’s revenue

Paul Hewitt accelerates ecommerce with Fivetran & Databricks

Fivetran accelerates online auto trading for CarOnSale

Malt’s Data Team Saves 70% of Data Engineering Time With Fivetran

Billie’s Need for Speed and Ease-of-Use Met by Fivetran

Meditopia Transforms Data Analytics With Fivetran and dbt

Troy Uses Fivetran to Advance Digital Transformation in the Engineering Sector

Fast, Reliable Data Access Helps Phenix Fight Food Waste

Fivetran Feeds Katkin Data to Grow Quality Cat Food Business

Fivetran Enables Wunderflats’ Business Critical Data Strategy

Wallapop Accelerates Data-Driven Strategy with Fivetran Automation

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