Fivetran Service Consumption Table

Updated October 1, 2021

These Service Consumption Terms are effective on October 1, 2021 for all customers agreeing to these Service Consumption Terms for the first time. If you have previously agreed to a version of our Service Consumption Terms before October 1, 2021, you may access those terms here.

The Fivetran Service is an automated cloud data pipeline (“Connectors”) provided by Fivetran Inc. (“Fivetran”, “we”, “us”, “our”) to Fivetran customers (each a “Customer”, “you”, “your”) as a service which consumes data from various sources and centralizes this data into a specific destination. The Fivetran Service is available in several different plans (“Plans”) and hosted in different geographical regions (“Regions”) by certain third-party cloud providers (“Cloud Providers”), as described more fully in your agreement with Fivetran (“Agreement”).


  • Account: The customer’s paid account on the Fivetran Service. An account may have multiple connectors and destinations. A customer may have multiple accounts.
  • Arrears: For Capacity Purchase (i.e. subscription plans) only, this means any additional usage of Credits after the initial purchased Credits have been used, but before the end of the original term. The Arrears period ensures you are able to continue using the Fivetran Services continuously, even if the originally purchased Credits have already been used. You will be alerted by Fivetran when you are in Arrears.
  • Billing Period: A calendar month running from the first to the last day of the month.
  • Capacity Purchase: A subscription-based plan which requires an annual upfront purchase of Credits in bulk.
  • Credit: Usage of the Fivetran Service is charged on the basis of “Credits” which are purchased and which provide value based on the MAR Threshold, as set forth on the Service Consumption Table, and the actual number of MARs used by the Customer in a given Billing Period.
  • Destination: A destination is a warehouse or database where the data is delivered.
  • Effective Credits: The average number or conversion price in Credits of the million MAR at the MAR Threshold for the month in question.
  • Incremental Credits: The average number or conversion price in Credits for the next million MAR (or portion of the next million MAR) after the MAR Threshold has been met for the month in question.
  • Initial Historical Sync: The first time that a connector completes a historical sync.
  • Monthly: A plan which is not subscription based, whereby a Customer is billed monthly in-arrears for Credits used during the prior monthly period. Monthly plans are available to purchase at (i) or through the (ii) AWS or (iii) GCP marketplaces.
  • Monthly Active Rows (“MAR”): The number of distinct primary keys synced via the Fivetran plan calculated on a per-Account basis. We only count a row once per Billing Period, even if it syncs multiple times.
  • Monthly Active Row (“MAR”) Threshold: The minimum MAR usage requirement to receive consumption rates as listed on the Service Consumption Table below.
  • On-Demand: For certain Monthly customers who pay per usage, this means any additional purchase of Credits to continue using the Fivetran Service after the initial purchased Credits have been used.
  • Order Form: The form by which a customer purchases Credits. For Capacity Purchase customers this is an order form document. For Monthly customers this may be an order form document or may be the terms attached to a Monthly purchase through one of the “Monthly” locations noted in the “Monthly” definition above.
  • Plan: The bundle of features included as a part of your Fivetran Service and outlined here. Plans may be purchased in the form of Capacity Purchase plans (which are subscription-based), or may be Monthly (which do not require subscriptions).
  • Primary Key: A unique identifier that specifies a distinct row within a table.

What is a Monthly Active Row?

Monthly Active Rows (MAR) are similar to total monthly synced rows but are less prone to variation and less prone to outliers. MAR is calculated as the number of distinct primary keys observed by Fivetran in a given Billing Period. Primary Keys are counted separately by Fivetran Account, Destination, and Connector. For clarity, if a distinct Primary Key is synced more than once in a given Billing Period then the distinct primary key counts as only a single Monthly Active Row. For example, a distinct Primary Key synced 30 times during a Billing Period will count as one Monthly Active Row. If a Primary Key is not available, we create a synthetic (hashed) Primary Key to ensure consistent tracking. One exception to this is that we exclude Monthly Active Rows associated with the initial historical sync for each new connector added.

How does credit consumption work?

Monthly Credits used are determined by the number of Monthly Active Rows within each billing account across that Billing Period. Monthly Credits are consumed based on a diminishing slope: in other words, the more unique data you sync in a Billing Period, the cheaper the incremental cost per unique Monthly Active Row.

The pricing of your Credits depends on the plan you have selected and whether you are drawing down from an initial Capacity Purchase Plan or paying for supplemental Credits via our On-Demand program. For non-subscription Plans (i.e. Monthly Plans), the pricing of your Credits is based on the prices available on our website,

Capacity Purchase

If you are drawing down from a Capacity Purchase Plan, your credit consumption rates will be determined by the Service Consumption Table outlined below. Capacity Credit Pricing is determined by your Order Form. Purchased Credits may be applied toward any of your Accounts on the Fivetran Service. However, the Service Consumption Table benefits for anything higher volume than is listed below may be applied on an Account by Account basis (and cannot be combined across accounts). Fivetran will provide you with monthly usage, in-arrears via the Fivetran dashboard.

Service Consumption Table

Monthly Active Row Threshold
Cost per Credit
Base Credits
per Month
Credits per
Million MAR*
Effective Credits Per Million MAR
0 M
If you are a Capacity Purchase plan customer, look to your Order Form for more details.
If you are a Monthly customer, see our pricing page which details the price per plan.
1 M
10 M
100 M
1 B
10 B

*or portion thereof

In order to calculate monthly Credit consumption we use the following formula:

Base Credits per Month + (actual MAR - Monthly Active Row Threshold) * Incremental Credits per Million MAR

What happens when Credits have been depleted

For Capacity Purchase Customers: For Capacity Purchase plans, when Credits have been depleted but the Fivetran Services are still being used, you are in Arrears. You will be allowed to continue using the Fivetran Service for so long as you are fulfilling payment and other terms, and will be billed at the Arrears rates and terms specified on the current Order Form until you purchase additional Credits on a new Order Form. You will be alerted by Fivetran when you are in Arrears. Capacity Purchase plans that have no more Credits available will be prompted by Fivetran to purchase additional credits on a new Order Form. These additional Credits can be purchased through Fivetran.

For Monthly Customers: For certain Monthly plans, when Credits have been depleted you are in Arrears and will be allowed to continue using the Fivetran Services and billed at the Arrears rates and terms specified on the current Order Form. For other Monthly plans, when Credits have been depleted you are On-Demand and must make an additional purchase of Credits in order to continue using the Fivetran Services. See your Order Form for further details.  

Expiration of Credits

You must use the purchased Credits within the subscription term in your Order Form. Purchased Credits do not roll over from one subscription term to the next. If you have a Capacity Purchase subscription account that is coming to an end, contact your account representative to learn more about engaging for a new purchase on an updated Order Form.

Multiple Accounts

If you decide to open multiple Fivetran Accounts, each account will apply the Fivetran Service Consumption Table for the MAR within that Account. You cannot add together the MAR for multiple Accounts and apply this MAR to Fivetran Service Consumption Table to get a more favorable credit consumption rate. However, if you would like to merge multiple Accounts into a single Account with separate destinations, you can reach out to Support through your dashboard or your account representative to get help with this migration. Merging accounts can have significant benefits, especially if the combined accounts have a high MAR usage.

Changes to the Fivetran Service Consumption Table

This Fivetran Service Consumption Table may be updated from time to time and you will be subject to any future changes. We always endeavor to alert you to any new changes you will be subject to. When and if changes to the Credit Consumption Table are made, Fivetran will use reasonable best efforts to provide advance notice of any material changes through the Fivetran Service dashboard or via email. Any allowable changes shall be effective immediately unless otherwise noted.

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