A single hub to manage all your data integrations.

Fivetran is cloud middleware that integrates data from all your saas services and databases into a single data warehouse.

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Direct Integration

Fivetran sends data over a direct, completely secure connection. We use a sophisticated caching layer to move data from point A to point B without ever storing a copy of the data on our application servers. This way, your data always remains yours.

Integrate your data, centralize your company.

A sure and effective way to unite your company is around your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Fivetran takes care of integrating all your data, so you can focus on rallying your company around your top metrics.

Rally team performance

Unify business groups

Now sales, marketing, operations, and every other team at your organization can finally come together and make informed decisions as a united team.

Cross channel KPI's

Finally calculate all of the cross channel KPI???s that are so vital to your business.

Single version of the truth.

Never have an argument again about how "the numbers" were reached. By integrating all of your cloud data, there can only ever be a single source to base your company "numbers" on.

Take control of your data

Archive & Secure your cloud data

Data warehousing is not the fundamental job of most cloud applications you use. Don't fall victim to losing your most important data by poor archiving practices (followed by most cloud services).

Unlock your data

Don't get stuck using a single application for life because your data is locked up in it. Take control of your data and be freed to migrate to new and exciting cloud services.

Full Structured Data

Sometimes you just have to access the raw data in order to get the answers you need. It is painstakingly hard to access raw data from most cloud services. Fivetran gives you full structured data from all your data sources in minutes.

All your data centralized in minutes.

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