New Connector: SAP Concur

Use our new SAP Concur integration for reliable, easy-to-use ELT for your financial analytics.
April 29, 2021

SAP Concur (formerly Concur), provides travel and expense management for companies — including providing a portal for employees to book travel, report expenses, and even send invoices in a seamless manner. SAP Concur enables customers to track financial health metrics, but its tooling also unlocks your data by integrating into your analytics warehouse to provide further insights and consolidated measurements.

In the interest of continuing to create integrations built for analytics, our development team has already solved for technical challenges such as:

  • Parsing API documentation to understand which version(s) are required to extract data from which object(s) to fully support your future querying of any SAP Concur tables
  • Understanding which system fields to utilize for incremental sync strategies to ensure your data remains refreshed for ongoing monitoring
  • Creating an import strategy for object(s) without system columns supporting incremental syncs to refresh tables at first availability as determined by the API constraints

Your SAP Concur expense-related data can be consolidated into your analytics destination, and then utilized by:

  • Integrating expense and spend data into your financial tracking dashboards to understand total spend factoring into burn rate
  • Join travel and expense data with your Sales CRM to understand the ROI on expenses to inform your future spend strategies
  • Apply expense and travel data to your field or customer marketing events to understand the ROI on lead generation

Get started with Fivetran: The faster your team has access to data from SAP Concur, the quicker they’ll be able to troubleshoot failures and improve performance.  If you have a SAP Concur account, set up the connector here to centralize your data. For more technical information about our SAP Concur connector, visit our documentation.

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