New Connector: Airtable

Bring disparate spreadsheets into your centralized analytics destination.
April 30, 2021

Airtable gives you the power of spreadsheets in a cloud environment with many visualization and organization options. Because Airtable provides open-ended functionality, your data structure will likely depend on which departments within your organization use this tool.

Our initial batch of customers for the Airtable connector have used the flexibility offered by Airtable to:

  • Build product launch tracking dashboards
  • Orchestrate more efficient marketing campaigns
  • Streamline accounts payable and receivable for financial monitoring

All you’ll need to set up this integration is your API key which grants our connector access to your Airtable’s API. You’ll be able to ingest the tables associated with your bases and the metadata linked with each table, and access webhooks to incrementally update your tables. Our strong partnership with the Airtable team allows us to pull additional fields not normally offered in standard API and also allows our connector to deliver increased throughput for faster syncs.

Get started with Fivetran: The faster your team has access to data from Airtable, the quicker they’ll be able to troubleshoot failures and improve performance. If you have an Airtable account, set up the connector here to centralize your data. For more technical information about our Airtable connector, visit our documentation. For more powerful and robust metrics, connect all of your other data sources from our directory of 150+ connectors.

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