Modern Data Stack Conference Speaker Lineup: Day 1

Hear from Fivetran co-founders George Fraser and Taylor Brown, as well as experts on data visualization, analyst-engineer collaboration and more.
October 8, 2020

The first-ever Modern Data Stack Conference will take place on October 21 and 22, and we’ve lined up amazing speakers from the worlds of data analysis and data engineering. The free online conference will appeal to data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and other data professionals.

Here’s a quick look at the speaker lineup for Day 1, which focuses on business and analytics, and specifically on how analytical insights impact business decision-making.

Morning Lineup

  • George Fraser and Taylor Brown, co-founders of Fivetran. Our CEO and COO kick off the day. They’ll discuss the impact of the modern data stack for analytic teams and how it is becoming as simple and reliable as electricity.
  • Leah Weiss and Gabi Steele, co-founders of Data Culture. Leah and Gabi will tell the story of how their grassroots data education program turned into a global community of data evangelists, and led them to embark on a mission to build and scale data culture across companies and industries.
  • Lance Hokanson, Sr. Manager of Business Intelligence, F5 Networks. Lance will show you how to efficiently use data engineering time curating what's operationally necessary for analytics.
  • Jacob Bedard, Director of Data Analytics, Dialpad. Jacob will explain the importance of setting the right expectations for data initiatives and discuss proven ways to handle prerequisites.
  • Clayton Hicklin, Director of Technology, Emery Sapp and Sons. Clayton will discuss how a fast-growing commercial construction firm transformed its legacy data analytics approach into a modern data stack, enabling increased agility and scalability while decreasing maintenance overhead.

Afternoon Lineup

  • Kate Strachnyi, founder of DATACated. Kate will discuss how creating effective data visualizations is challenging given the sheer quantity of available data and the variety of visualization methods. She will outline best practices that you can apply in your daily work.
  • Gary Sahota, Head of Analytics, Clari. In a presentation brought to us by Snowflake, Gary will take us through his company’s journey to a modern data stack.
  • Analyst Panel lead by Brian Bickell, Data Practice Director, Interworks. Our day will conclude with a panel chaired by Brian Bickell and featuring three data analysts, who will discuss learnings, pain points and steps to overcome project logjams.

The first day of the Modern Data Stack Conference will be a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge, sharpen your skills and connect with your peers.

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