Modern Data Stack Conference Speaker Lineup: Day 2

You’ll hear from former Snowflake CEO Bob Muglia and Fishtown Analytics CEO Tristan Handy, as well as experts on data engineering, analyst-engineer collaboration and more.
October 16, 2020

The first-ever Modern Data Stack Conference will take place on October 21 and 22. We’ve lined up amazing speakers from the worlds of data analysis and data engineering. The free online conference will appeal to data analysts, data scientists, data engineers and other data professionals.

Here’s a peek at our speakers for Day 2, which focuses on analytics engineering and data preparation.

Morning Lineup

  • Tristan Hardy, CEO/Founder, Fishtown Analytics and Fraser Harris, VP Product, Fivetran. This duo will discuss the evolution of the modern data stack with an emphasis on reliability, governance and automation - and speak to data transformation as a key enabler of analysis engineering and automation.
  • Thought leadership panel with Martin Casado, General Partner of Andreessen Horowitz; Bob Muglia, former Snowflake CEO; George Fraser, CEO of Fivetran; and Tristan Handy, CEO of Fishtown Analytics. This virtual fireside chat will discuss some of the new and innovative trends in data infrastructure and what the future will hold for data professionals.
  • Guli Zhu, Senior Director, Marketing Analytics, Peloton. This session will address how to examine our work to ensure our organizations and systems are structured to enable data teams to drive business impact. Zhu will cover: benefits and considerations of centralization vs. decentralization and the importance of business context to effectively drive impact.
  • Rajan Patel, Sr. Manager, Business Intelligence, Fastly. Patel will discuss the company's data journey, including the technical challenges of migrating from a traditional BI stack to a cloud-native one.
  • Michael Kaminsky, Founder, Locally Optimistic. Learn how to super-charge your Data Science team by building a data platform that supports delivering more value from your data, faster. Michael will talk through how we can use a data platform built on the ever-more-common extract-load-transform (ELT) framework to make building new data products faster, easier and more robust.

Afternoon Lineup

  • Emily Hawkins, Analyst, and Dennis Hume, Engineer, Drizly. Scaling an analytics team can be a challenge. It is even harder to scale a team remotely. In 2019, Drizly decided to adopt a more modern data stack and build out a team that could grow with its data needs. And by investing in its infrastructure and tooling, Drizly is now able to support a team over three times as large running analytics through shared workflows.
  • Misagh Jebeli, Business Intelligence Architect, Inhabit IQ. A discussion around the "zero line," defined by Inhabit IQ as the point at which IT infrastructure is set and proven to be ready to sit with business at the same table to do advanced analytics.
  • Data Engineering Panel Discussion with Hashmap and panelists. An interactive panel discusses the latest trends in data and analytics engineering.
  • Taylor Brown, COO, Fivetran. Taylor will close and offer concluding remarks.

Day 2 of the Modern Data Stack Conference will be a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge, sharpen your skills and connect with your peers. Sign up today and join us!

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