Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for LinkedIn Ads

Get a head start on ad analytics with our LinkedIn Ads dbt package.

Our dbt package for LinkedIn Ads aggregates commonly used ad metrics across accounts and campaigns to optimize future campaigns based on current ad performance. The package creates base reporting tables that can be used to:

  • Track clicks, conversions and costs across all campaigns and ad groups
  • Enriching creatives with associated campaigns and UTM parameters

These transformations can run stand-alone to create an overview of your LinkedIn ad performance, or combine this data with other paid digital advertising campaigns for a holistic view of the ROI on your ad spend.

Challenges With the LinkedIn API

Microsoft's API for LinkedIn Ads provides a singular endpoint for pulling ad analytics, but presents all information associated with each ad in a single response, making it difficult to parse out this information by campaigns and other segments. To get this data into an analytics-ready format in the destination database or data lake, you’ll need to allocate developer resources to format an API request, and further technical resources to determine a programmatic process for continuous data ingestion into the desired schema format, and then further into reporting schemas.

How Fivetran Makes LinkedIn Ads Integration Easier

Our native LinkedIn Ads integration can be completed in minutes, just by using OAuth to enter in your LinkedIn credentials into Fivetran. The data is consistently delivered in a pre-defined format that segments commonly used data into separate tables with relations represented on the diagram. The dbt package then transforms this data into overview tables containing shared ad metrics for tracking. Future dbt packages for ad data sources will also follow this format for easy joining across different sources.

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