Launch Fivetran through Databricks Partner Connect

You can now set up Fivetran data pipelines via Databricks Partner Connect. Here’s how.
November 18, 2021

Today, Databricks announced Partner Connect, an ecosystem of partners that allows companies to integrate data tools so they can more easily ingest, process and analyze data in their lakehouse. We are excited to be among the first partners to be featured in Partner Connect, helping users ingest and transform their data without ever needing to manually configure platform integrations.

“With Fivetran in Databricks Partner Connect, end users will now be able to quickly and automatically connect data from popular apps such as Salesforce to the lakehouse so that they can leverage that data for whatever their use case — analytics, BI, data science or machine learning — all on the Databricks platform,“ shared Pankaj Dugar, Vice President of Data and Product Partnerships at Databricks.

Logan Welley, Vice President of Alliances at Fivetran, added, “Databricks Partner Connect provides a seamless, integrated experience that makes it easier for Databricks customers to connect data from all of their sources to their lakehouse by way of Fivetran data pipelines, allowing the focus to remain on unlocking insights instead of ETL.”

Databricks Partner Connect: Get to value faster

Fivetran on Databricks Partner Connect simplifies data management for the lakehouse, allowing joint customers like Condé Nast and Paul Hewitt to focus on data insights, not data engineering. Here’s a look at the experience:

Companies often struggle to get data into a data lake. Doing so requires building and maintaining complex data pipelines for multiple data sources — a massive drain on data engineering resources.

For example, data engineers need to integrate data from disparate sources such as big data applications, streaming sources, databases and business applications into their data lake in order to meet the needs of downstream analytics and machine learning applications. This requires configuring each data source separately, harmonizing different file formats, and developing and maintaining complex data pipelines with multiple jobs, tools and infrastructure across data sources.

Organizations also struggle to find solutions that connect their lakehouse to the existing tools they rely on. Through Partner Connect, they can find and connect to Fivetran, which allows them to connect to a multitude of data sources in minutes. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to ingest data into the Databricks Lakehouse Platform, and it comes with zero maintenance burden. Here’s how easy it is to connect to a source:

Solving the challenge of SaaS APIs

Bringing in data from SaaS apps (Salesforce, Google Analytics, Facebook, etc.) comes with unique challenges. SaaS APIs change regularly, and analysts may have to wait on data engineers to generate data for analysis. Fivetran on Partner Connect tackles these issues head on, automatically adapting to API changes and making it easy for analysts to connect data from 180+ popular apps to their lakehouse and familiar BI tools. Fivetran also provides automated schema migration, a diverse range of connectors and change data capture capabilities.

Getting started with Fivetran on Databricks Partner Connect

Fivetran on Databricks Partner Connect streamlines the data ingestion process to just a few clicks. First-time users can easily create a Fivetran trial account. After you have created and synced your first Fivetran connector, your free 14-day trial starts. Check out the demo video below to see just how easy the process is.

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