Introducing the Fivetran Terraform provider

Integrate Fivetran into your infrastructure-as-code development.

Fivetran recently announced our first SDK to leverage the Fivetran API in Go, which has been used to create the HashiCorp Terraform–verified provider for Fivetran. Fully verified by Terraform and included in the Terraform registry, the provider allows you to provision and manage Fivetran connectors, destinations and users in Terraform.

Terraform and infrastructure as code

Infrastructure as code enables organizations to programmatically create, delete and alter the state of cloud services. Terraform is one of the leading open-source projects for writing and running infrastructure as code. Here at Fivetran, we use Terraform throughout our infrastructure management processes, including the construction of VPN tunnels to connect to our customers’ private networks. Using Terraform instead of manual processes has saved us many hours of work.

Terraform allows for the control of specific resource types through providers. If you are already utilizing Terraform to manage your modern data stack, Fivetran can now be included through our new Terraform provider.

The HashiCorp Terraform–verified provider for Fivetran

A typical Terraform workflow involves a number of different commands: init, refresh, plan, apply and destroy. Each of these can be used with the Fivetran Terraform provider to manage Fivetran accounts and services:

  • terraform init - This command informs Terraform of the current working directory it should utilize and the providers and additional configurations that it will need to do so. This step will ensure that the Fivetran Terraform provider is added and available.
  • terraform refresh - The refresh command will list the changes that Terraform has made to an infrastructure. This can be used with the Fivetran Terraform provider to see what has been added or modified to Fivetran by Terraform.
  • terraform plan - This will display the changes Terraform will make to Fivetran when terraform apply is run.
  • terraform apply - Apply executes Terraform’s plan to update or add users, groups, connections and destinations to Fivetran. terraform destroy will revert the changes made by terraform apply.

HashiCorp Technology Partner Program

The HashiCorp Terraform–verified provider for Fivetran is in its alpha development phase. Fivetran recently entered the HashiCorp Technology Partner Program and the Terraform Integration Program. Of over 100 verified providers in the Terraform Registry, Fivetran is the only automated data integration provider, and it can be used to provision Fivetran resources on Terraform Cloud.

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