One Hundred Employees, Unchanging Core Values

On the occasion of our 100th hire, we're sharing our core values publicly for the first time.
January 8, 2019

In 2013, the Fivetran workforce consisted of a couple friends in an apartment nursing a mad determination to disrupt the data connector market.

In 2019, fresh off $15 million in Series A funding, Fivetran hired its 100th employee.

From our founding until now, our mission has remained the same: to remove the engineering burden from data teams by standardizing and fully automating data connectors. With Fivetran, your data just arrives in your warehouse, canonical and ready to query, no engineering or maintenance required. As we watch more and more companies leverage our technology to become truly data-driven, we’re proud not only of our growth but also of the fact that we’ve grown without compromising our core values.

On the occasion of our 100th hire, we’re sharing those values publicly for the first time. They make us who we are — and explain why Fivetran is such a great place to work. We promise to uphold our values no matter how much we grow, or how fast.

Fivetran Core Values

Preserve your integrity, even when it's hard.

Always do the right thing, even when it's harder in the short run.

Take the initiative.

Fivetran belongs to all of us. If you see an opportunity to improve something, seize it!

Trust each other.

We trust our teammates to do their part. Our customers trust our product to do what we say it does.

Nurture diversity, equality and inclusiveness.

We seek out teammates who share our values and drive, not people who are exactly like us. We're building a company that works for everyone. At Fivetran, you can always be your authentic self.

Lead, don't follow.

Many of the assumptions in our industry are wrong. We hire smart people and make decisions by reasoning from first principles.

One team, one dream.

We share the pains and successes of our customers, partners and colleagues. And we go above and beyond for each other.

If these values resonate with you, please consider joining our growing team — we’re hiring!

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