How we build and scale a healthy workplace culture

To ensure a supportive workplace culture on four continents, we start with a set of non-negotiable principles.
June 22, 2021

Fivetran has grown at a dizzying pace over the last few years. In 2015, we were an Oakland startup with a handful of employees; now we're a global business with a workforce of more than 600. Throughout the journey, we've remained committed to creating an inclusive workplace culture that allows our employees to take risks and thrive professionally — without ever hiding their authentic selves.

We’re thrilled to see that commitment reflected in a series of best-employer awards from multiple countries, including:

We're not expecting our growth to slow down anytime soon, and we're confident in our ability to keep supporting and empowering employees — of all backgrounds — as we expand into new regions and open new offices. Here are the principles of Fivetran workplace culture, followed by a look at how they’ve impacted the work experience of Fivetranners in India, Europe and North America.  

Principles of Fivetran workplace culture

See every employee as a leader building a career

Initiative is one of our core company values. We want every employee to think independently and creatively about how to make Fivetran a stronger organization, and we never want a short-term focus on productivity to crowd out career development. Every Fivetranner has a clear growth track and actively shapes their professional future.

Build a company culture around core values

Fivetran core values are:

  • Integrity
  • Initiative
  • 1 Team 1 Dream

Drawing up a list of values is not the same thing as living those values, and we make a point of using them as practical touchstones every day. Company-wide meetings begin with a shout-out to Fivetranners who have embodied one or more of our core values. Here’s a quick look at how our values inform our culture:

Make diversity, equity and inclusion a priority

In an inequitable world, building a diverse company is the right thing to do. We set clear, measurable goals for our diversity initiatives and review them every quarter. We also have LGBTQ+, female and BIPOC representation on our executive leadership team. Through our Tech Equity Pipeline Program (TEPP), we create ongoing, paid internships for underrepresented communities across Fivetran departments — and each TEPP internship ladders directly to a paid, full-time position. At the same time, we recognize that we have plenty of work to do. We will continue to educate internally on DEI so that we can continue to grow and do better, and keep increasing our percentages of diverse talent across all employee levels.

Support ERGs

Employee resource groups (ERGs) play a critical role in creating community and in supporting underrepresented voices. Our ERGs regularly host speaker series, events and seminars that are open to all across the business, regardless of identity, department or location. We encourage Fivetranners to form new ERGs and engage with existing ERGs. Current Fivetran ERGs include:

  • Women+
  • LatinX
  • Black Fivetranners Network
  • 7ERG

Continually improve benefits based on experience and dialogue

We’re always working to improve the Fivetran benefits package. We recently discovered that folks weren’t taking full advantage of our unlimited PTO policy, for example, so we switched to 25 guaranteed days of PTO per year. People need down time! We also recently revised our parental leave policy to improve the diversity of our salesforce and reduce gender inequality. The policy is now effective on the first day of employment, and both salaried and commission-based employees get 100% of their target pay during their leave.

Listen to your people

Our people are our biggest asset. We want to create a two-way street for transparency and feedback, and we regularly schedule executive roundtables and listening tours. We also recently implemented a new tool, AllVoices, to help us better understand what employees are thinking and feeling. This allows us to make adjustments along the way and helps us continually grow our culture.

Principles in practice: Fivetranners on life at Fivetran

Our principles don’t mean much if they’re not felt in the working lives of Fivetranners. Here are three perspectives on Fivetran workplace culture from folks in Bengaluru, Dublin, Denver and Oakland. Check out our culture page for more perspectives on life at Fivetran.

Jonte Major, Talent Operations Specialist, Denver

About three months after I was hired, my manager said, ‘OK, let’s talk about your growth plan and the next job you want.’ I was shocked, but that was really nice because you obviously want to grow professionally. And then the country exploded in terms of Black Lives Matter, and our head of HR encouraged us to start an ERG for Black Fivetranners. That’s been a really positive experience, and I’ve gotten closer to our COO, who participated in our sessions. So many other leaders in the company attended a session on allyship, and had examples to share about what allyship looked like to them. I remember getting tons of Slack kudos after that meeting, people saying they really enjoyed it, and I felt like I was actually a part of Fivetran at that moment.

Kiran Sharma, Customer Success Engineer, Bengaluru

I have learned way more than I expected to learn at Fivetran in the span of less than two years. I don’t remember anyone from any department ever saying no to any help or support I wanted. For example, at first I wasn’t so comfortable driving customer interaction, but I can do it in my sleep now. Fivetran helped me become more confident and customer-focused. Also, I describe myself as an extroverted person who does not shy away from sharing their thoughts and emotions, and people here respect and reciprocate that. You can take a stand or have a different opinion. No one is judgemental about your identity or opinions. That is so important to have in your peers because they’re your work family.

Veronica Zhai, Principal Technical Product Manager, Oakland

I came to Fivetran because I wanted to do cutting-edge analytics with the best technology, and I was pleasantly surprised by how fast my team leaders embraced the new ideas I brought. I was also impressed that Fivetran doesn’t just talk about diversity, they practice it. Half of our analytics team is women, including two of the five leaders. That allowed me to integrate into the team and culture ten times better than I would have otherwise. I started my career as an options trader, and on the trading floor I was the only female, minority trader, so coming from a difficult culture where there wasn’t much diversity, it’s endearing to my heart that diversity is so important here.

Aoife Smyth, Sales Development Manager, Dublin

I joined Fivetran because at my old company I wasn’t seeing my career progress. I wanted time for mentoring and coaching and a path to management, but it was all about hitting your numbers. The workload was overwhelming. That’s fine for a while, but at some point I needed to evolve. Fivetran promised that if I gave everything I had in that first year, I would progress. It was different because everyone’s skill sets were highlighted and recognized, and they trusted us to take on other responsibilities but still hit our numbers. After a year, I was actually promoted to sales development manager. Fivetran earned a lot of my respect, as well as the respect of my friends and colleagues in the industry, for keeping their promise. The Fivetran value of integrity really came through.

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