A Word From Our Founders

Fivetran CEO George Fraser and COO Taylor Brown describe our journey to the recent $15 million Series A round.

At Fivetran, our mission is to solve the hardest part of building a data-driven company: centralizing all your data in one place. Being data-driven isn’t just about optimizing metrics and increasing profits. Data-driven companies are more transparent, they're better places to work, and they're more likely to win.

Centralizing all your data is a famously complex problem. We believe this complexity is incidental, and over the last five years, we’ve been able to overcome that complexity with automation and offer a turn-key solution to our customers.

Fivetran has followed an unusual journey to get where we are today. We were in Y Combinator in W2013, when we were just two friends in an apartment trying to make something people wanted. It took us almost two years and a lot of determination to get our first customer. We grew to almost 500 customers and 80 employees while raising about $5 million. The company's growth during that time was funded by revenue and some fantastic seed investors.

We raised this most recent $15 million Series A round because of the scale of the opportunity in front of us. We're growing faster than ever, and centralizing your data is a problem every company faces. In 2019 and 2020, we're going to be building out even more sources, as well as more data-management features needed by the biggest companies.

This latest funding is especially great news for our customers: The bigger we get, the better our product works. Our product is simple on the outside, but on the inside our engineering team is working hard to extinguish complexity with automation. The more customers we have, the better we do at discovering every quirk of every data source that businesses use. Our vision is that every company should have a centralized repository of all their data that "just works."

Because every new user brings us closer to our vision, we are deeply thankful to our customers. As early adopters, they have shown us a great deal of confidence and forbearance. They've stayed with us through thick and thin. We would also like to thank our partners, especially Snowflake and Looker. Without their support and guidance over the past three years, we could not have gotten to where we are now.

– George Fraser & Taylor Brown

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