Fivetran Announces New Integration With Sage Intacct

Leverage accounting and finance data in your centralized warehouse to refine spend strategy.
March 29, 2021

Fivetran’s code-free integrations have expanded with our newest connection to Sage Intacct. Setup consists of providing account ID credentials, and Fivetran will then automatically load all your historical data from Sage Intacct, as well as updated data going forward, to ensure that your destination and source data match one to one for up-to-date analytics. The benefits are:

  • Easy access to complete accounting and financial data within your analytics destination
  • Fivetran keeps the destination data updated with the latest data from Sage Intacct
  • Customer can easily merge Sage Intacct data with other data sources for additional analysis

Melody Williams, Head of Business Development at Sage Intacct, describes the integration like this:

Fivetran is a great addition to the Sage Intacct Marketplace. This new integration enables our mutual customers who use a cloud data warehouse to more easily centralize their data to provide business analysts with quick access to their accounting and finance data.

Our public documentation provides a preview of how the data from Sage Intacct will be structured. Use Sage Intacct data standalone with our connector, or join this data with other financial reporting systems for a full view of your cash flow.

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