Fivetran Partners With Census to Close the Loop on Operational Analytics

The partnership will simplify end-to-end integration, improving operational efficiency and increasing revenue for our customers.
February 16, 2021

We're excited to announce our partnership with Census! Whereas Fivetran loads data from over 150+ popular tools into popular warehouses, Census writes data from common analytics warehouses and lakehouses into operational systems such as Intercom or Salesforce. Not only are we a proud Census customer ourselves, but we also share a few common partners, including dbt and Snowflake. Combined, we work together to power the modern data stack.

Data Integration to Power Analytics

Fivetran exists to simplify data integration and reduce the lengthy timelines commonly associated with analytics projects, while maintaining a high degree of reliability essential to your data integration. Compared to the traditional paradigm of highly customized data integration scripts involving complex in-flight transformations that only load a portion of the data, Fivetran connectors for integration can be set up in minutes and integrate all of your selected data and keep it updated to power your organizations’ analytics. Some common analytics use cases include:

  • Combining marketing campaign metrics with recognized revenue for ROI and marketing attribution
  • Merging product user events with acquisition funnel touchpoints and post-sales support interactions to understand the customer lifecycle
  • Joining sales opportunities with product events to understand how product usage contributes to closed-won rates

Census to Complete Operational Analytics Integrations

The next step after you create these valuable insights is to act on them. This involves feeding the results of your analyses back to operational systems such as Hubspot, Zendesk, or Salesforce. You can either opt to do this manually, or automate it using a tool like Census, enabling quick turnaround and immediate change to your operational systems.You can either opt to do this as a manual process with lengthy bulk loads, or you could automate this process to immediately impact your operational systems to affect visible change for your customers. This increased business value is why Logan Welley, Fivetran VP of Alliances, is so excited for this partnership:

The combination of Fivetran and Census together accelerates the companies’ ability to act on their insights. With Fivetran, data is always kept up to date for monitoring, but making that data actionable in an automated fashion is achieved through Census. This allows teams to change their operational systems, such as marketing campaigns or customer support processes, on the fly, with no manual inputs needed at all.

Salesforce Integrations (and More!)

As mentioned above, Fivetran uses Census to merge product data with our Salesforce instance to provide sales representatives an accurate view of customer actions and help power automation for several business operations processes. Census also serves the following use cases:

  • Use product usage data to determine account segmentation for marketing emails with the goal of increasing specific product events
  • Understand and group support tickets by product usage to more quickly and efficiently route tickets to a subject matter expert

What Are Customers Saying?

Buddy Marshburn, Senior Data Scientist at Loom:

With Census and Fivetran, I can load my data, model it, and sync it back to tools without having to write any code. This means I can hire more data analysts and scientists instead of engineers and focus on supporting the go-to-market teams with insights and actionable data.

Aman Malhotra, Growth Manager at Super Dispatch:

I remember when I was at a previous organization and Salesforce schema would change. Of course you wouldn't find out about it until you need to deliver an insight. Not relying on a data engineer to make edits to API calls during schema changes is a game changer. Saves us so much time and data engineering resources

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