Fivetran makes big strides in India

With 100+ staff and dedicated in-country GCP and AWS data centers, Fivetran is growing rapidly in the country.
February 25, 2022

It has been a hugely rewarding year for Fivetran since launching operations in India. While we’ve had a core engineering team in the region for several years, we began offering our product in one of the world’s most rapidly developing economies in January 2021, guided by our mission of making access to data as simple and reliable as electricity.

That mission, coupled with the dedication and hard work of a growing team, enabled momentum to build rapidly after launch. Within a few short months, local companies became customers after quickly recognizing the value of Fivetran’s ability to provide powerful automated connectors that can centralize data from myriad sources.

“India’s prominence as a global technology leader is fueled by an insatiable demand for data,” says TJ Chandler, Fivetran’s Managing Director in Asia-Pacific. “Fivetran is enabling India’s most innovative companies as they transform that data into intelligence for their customers.”

First-year milestones

Within 11 months of launch, Fivetran had achieved annual recurring revenue (ARR) in India of $1 million. Revenue grew ninefold in the same period, while the number of customers we serve more than doubled.

Our success in India over the past year highlights how our product was ready for the market. By offering over 180 connectors that can take data from numerous locations and bring them together into data warehouses such as Snowflake, our automated systems have helped local businesses, like Cars24, realize significant cost savings and develop more efficient practices in the process.

Cars24, a major ecommerce business in India’s pre-owned vehicle market, needed a way to join marketing data with transactional data, so it could make smarter decisions about how to allocate its marketing spend. Building a data pipeline internally would have taken five or six engineers up to four months. Instead, it teamed up with Fivetran. A test database was up and running in just two days, replicating MySQL data into Snowflake and allowing Cars24’s analytics team to run queries quickly and easily, and giving analysts the data they need to make smarter, more impactful decisions about marketing budgets. 

A deep pool of engineering talent

Most recently, the Fivetran team also celebrated a milestone of 100 employees in India. We have plans to hire more sales, technical support and customer success staff in the coming months to ensure we can continue to provide our growing customer base across regions with the highest levels of support and service.

In addition to a dedicated in-country GCP datacenter, Fivetran has also launched a new AWS data center in India for local customers. With this, the potential for Fivetran to help facilitate simplified and ultra reliable data access for companies across the country is even greater than it was a year ago.

Ready for growth in 2022

The good news is that we have plenty of experience in how to harness this potential and turn it into tangible growth. With the integration of HVR, Fivetran is now ready to serve India’s largest enterprises that require high-volume multi-directional data synchronization in real time from sources like Oracle and SAP.

As more companies strive to become data-driven, I’m confident 2022 will bring similar successes for Fivetran and our customers in India and across the globe.

We’re hiring for dozens of positions across all departments and regions. Check out our Careers page to learn more.

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