Fivetran launches support for new Databricks + GCP offering

Businesses can now use Fivetran with the Lakehouse Platform on Google Cloud.
May 4, 2021

We are excited to launch Fivetran support for a newly available solution: Databricks on Google Cloud. We’ve partnered with both Databricks and Google Cloud for many years now, and understand the unique value they each deliver to Fivetran customers, so it was a priority for us to support their joint effort.

Databricks on Google Cloud combines a simple, open and collaborative lakehouse platform for data engineering, data science, analytics and machine learning with the analytics expertise and global scale of Google Cloud.

At Fivetran, we know our customers want to use an open lakehouse platform like Databricks across an open cloud platform like Google Cloud. This new partnership allows for greater customer choice and flexibility in a growing cloud ecosystem encompassing diverse data tools and innovative infrastructure.

“As we move into GA, we are excited to have Fivetran’s support for Databricks on Google Cloud,” said Pankaj Dugar, VP of Product Partnerships at Databricks. “Together, we’re expanding the roster of cloud tools available to customers to maximize efficiency for analysts, data scientists and data engineers alike.”

Key benefits of Fivetran support for Databricks on Google Cloud include:

  • Ability to purchase Fivetran through the Google Cloud Marketplace
  • All Fivetran connectors support Databricks Delta Lake
  • Unified billing of Google Cloud products in addition to Fivetran purchases through Google Cloud Marketplace
  • Use of Google Cloud credits to procure Fivetran
  • Simplified procurement process

If you’d like to learn more about how Fivetran and Databricks work together, including how Databricks uses Fivetran to power marketing analytics, register for the upcoming Data + AI Summit, which kicks off on May 24. Our joint session, titled “How Databricks Leverages Lakehouse and Fivetran for Marketing Analytics,” will cover:

  • Transforming disparate structured and unstructured data into dependable marketing insights
  • The value of an automated, unified platform for data engineering, data science and analytics
  • Democratizing access to the data your team needs for analysis — regardless of coding abilities

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