Fivetran Joins Asana Partners

Becoming an official Asana Technology Partner unlocks value for joint customers.
April 14, 2021

We’re excited to announce that Fivetran has joined Asana Partners as a Technology Partner, enabling joint customers to elevate their analytics programs with an out-of-the-box integration. Asana helps teams organize, track and manage their work, and is used by more than 93,000 organizations worldwide.

Being an Asana Technology Partner means that we will be prepared for every upcoming change to Asana’s API, ensuring continuous updates to our connector to drive outcomes in your product and operational analytics such as:

  • Monitoring project deadlines and goals to ensure that the expected velocity is maintained throughout the lifecycle of a successful project
  • Using historical team and user metrics to forecast anticipated timelines
  • Tying high-visibility parent tasks to assignees and associated subtasks to paint a holistic view of your project

We’re thrilled to deepen our developer relationship with Asana, and we’ll continue to join all available partner programs for our ever-growing list of supported data sources. Our always-available, maintenance-free data pipelines allow you to extract data from any source and centralize it in a modern data warehouse. In the case of Asana, cross-referencing data can help drive compelling use cases such as:

  • Engineering analytics: Join your issues, associated comments, milestones, and more from sources such as Github
  • Sales analytics: Track progression of sales tools, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, feature build-out, and gauge feature impact based on usage and positive business outcomes

“With the launch of Asana Partners, we’re excited to be expanding our global network of technology partners, helping create integrated workflows that allow our customers to achieve success, whether they’re collaborating in-person or remotely,” said Billy Blau, Head of Business and Corporate Development, Asana. “Together, we’re connecting the enterprise’s most essential integrations, like Fivetran, to create the platform for distributed teams, helping organizations around the world advance their digital transformation efforts and work together more seamlessly than ever before.”

“We’re excited about the Asana Partners launch which formalizes our partnership with Asana,” said Alexander Lovell, Head of Product for Connectors and Transformations, Fivetran. “Our joint customers enjoy the benefits of a simplified, comprehensive work management tool and automated integration of this data into the data warehouse for analytics.”

Getting started: If you have an Asana account, set up the connector here to centralize your data. For more technical information about our Asana connector, visit our documentation. If you’re already using an Asana connector, you might also enjoy the benefits of our dbt package to create baseline reporting tables which you can download here.

For more powerful and robust metrics, connect all of your other data sources from our directory of 150+ connectors. New to Fivetran? Join us for our weekly product demo or get started with a free 14-day trial.

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