Analysis: Fivetran is the fastest-growing cloud ELT provider

Gartner recognizes Fivetran as the “vendor of choice” for enterprises looking to modernize their data infrastructure.
July 23, 2021

For the better part of a decade, Fivetran has been on a mission to make data access as simple and reliable as electricity. Even as data has become fundamental to everything we do in the modern world, it has also grown so diverse and distributed that most organizations can’t access and use their own data without a major engineering effort.

Many data teams are building and maintaining data infrastructure themselves, much as individual businesses once built and maintained their own power plants. Others are using older on-premise systems that are ill-equipped to handle current data volumes, or relying on the truncated data provided by SaaS applications.

To be blunt, these are problems of the past, and they belong in the past. At Fivetran, we leverage automation and cloud data platforms to make data centralization and analysis incredibly easy for our customers — regardless of how many sources they have. That’s why, as Gartner recently observed, we’re the fastest-growing cloud-native ELT vendor in a fast-growing market.

Data integration “Vendor of Choice” for cloud sources and destinations

In its recent report, “Market Share Analysis: Data Integration Software, Worldwide, 2020,” Gartner notes that Fivetran nearly doubled its revenue between 2019 and 2020 and “continues to prosper in the cloud-native data ingestion space.” It adds:

The primary reason is that Fivetran has made a name for itself as the cloud-native data ingestion and replication vendor of choice for extracting data from any of the popular SaaS applications (such as Workday, ServiceNow, Marketo and Salesforce) and database systems (such as Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL and Amazon RDS) and loading this data into cloud data warehouses (such as Amazon Redshift, Snowflake and Google BigQuery).

One reason we’ve become a data integration “vendor of choice” is that we make a point of supporting the data sources and destinations that organizations actually use, as the excerpt above suggests. But another reason, as Gartner observed later in its report, is that Fivetran makes data integration and analytics very simple. Our customers don’t have to think about centralizing their data — it just arrives in the destination of their choice. Nor do they have to think about prepping it for analytics. We do that for them, automatically.

Simplifying data access drives growth

We’ve spent many years and countless engineering hours figuring out how to eliminate the engineering burden of modern analytics. Our data connectors are prebuilt, deploy instantly, and feature automations that eliminate the need for pipeline maintenance or data normalization. As Gartner writes, the resulting ease of use for our customers has been a clear growth driver:

Growth within business units has been possible due to product capabilities promoting ease of use, such as data movement in fully managed, self-healing data pipelines, minimal infrastructure management and automated normalization of data.

The final piece of our offering is integrated, in-warehouse transformations via standard SQL, powered by dbt. That means Fivetran customers can run transformations — complete with version control, testing, documentation and more — directly in our application. According to the Gartner market share report , this makes Fivetran data integration a “more complete offering,” and should “help with more enterprise adoption (and therefore revenue growth) in the future.”

The competitive necessity of reliable data access

The Fivetran mission fits neatly into a broad architectural shift toward SaaS business tools, automation and cloud technologies. As the market increasingly rewards speed and agility, advanced analytics is quickly becoming competitive table stakes for companies of all sizes, across all industry sectors. And world-class analytics starts with simple, reliable access to data — data that arrives effortlessly, ready to power insights. That vision has driven our growth, and we think it will continue to do so.

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