Fivetran integrations highlighted at Google Cloud Next '21

Fivetran integrates seamlessly with multiple Google Cloud services, and the addition of HVR technology will improve the experience.
October 12, 2021

This morning at Google Cloud Next ‘21, the Google Cloud team highlighted their partnership with Fivetran. That callout is the result of a longstanding partnership that delivers an exemplary joint customer experience.

Thoughtful integrations, seamless experiences

Through a variety of integrations, Google Cloud makes it seamless for users to discover and leverage Fivetran alongside BigQuery and within the wider Google Cloud ecosystem. BigQuery Data Transfer Service (DTS), for example, allows users to launch Fivetran connectors from their Google Cloud environment. Google Cloud Marketplace offers a straightforward way to scale procurement for customers via online discovery, purchasing and fulfillment of the Fivetran data integration solution.

These joint offerings make it quick and easy for users to deploy a modern data stack — resulting in deeper and more up-to-date insights for key decision-makers. And with the recent acquisition of HVR by Fivetran, these integrations will only continue to scale. HVR’s real-time data replication technology enables organizations to plan, predict and respond with the freshest data available.

Sudhir Hasbe, Sr. Director of Product Management, Data Analytics at Google Cloud, had this to say about the relationship between the two companies:

We partner closely with Fivetran to help organizations bring their data into BigQuery quickly, reliably and securely. We’re excited to deepen our partnership with Fivetran to help organizations benefit from BigQuery and cloud data analytics capabilities with new pipelines to import data from popular applications and databases.

Delivering value for joint customers

Joint customer GroupM illustrates the value of the partnership for users. GroupM is a global advertising and media consultancy that helps clients optimize their ad and marketing budgets. They rely on Fivetran and Google Cloud to create a seamless data integration and visualization experience. GroupM Data Analyst Herman Mull describes the benefits this way:  

Fivetran helps us give value back to our major clients. Fivetran can basically follow our clients' campaigns across all marketing platforms. The big win for us is that all sources are gathered into one place using Google Cloud for storage and Google Data Studio for visualization, which would normally be viewed manually in different reports across different systems.

Partnership highlights

Recent highlights of the Fivetran–Google Cloud partnership include:

  • Customer growth milestone: 1,100+ joint customers
  • Global expansion: Joint customer growth is being globally driven, with EMEA representing a third of our active joint customer base.
  • Increased discoverability in BigQuery: Ongoing collaboration for the success of our joint users, with 5.8 TB of data per day over the last 30 days.
  • Thought leadership in multi-cloud strategy:The Multi-Cloud Modern Data Stack: Fireside Chat With Industry Trailblazers” brought together four technology leaders, including Sudhir Hasbe, Senior Director of Product Management at Google Cloud.
  • Partner Award recognition: Google Cloud was named the Better Together Technology Partner by Fivetran during our inaugural Partner Awards.

And we think the best is yet to come, including retail and CPG solutions for the enterprise!

Be sure to visit the Fivetran booth at Next and register for our upcoming webinar.

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