Fivetran named "Great Place to Work" 2020

Fivetran is #4 on the 2020 list of Ireland’s Best Small Workplaces. Join us!
March 20, 2020

The atmosphere was electric. Over 900 people from 91 organizations filled the ballroom of the Clayton Hotel on 24th February, while we eagerly waited for the evening to kick off. The crowd went wild as Marty Whelan, Irish TV star, made his way onto the stage to host the Great Place to Work event, and with that, the awards got off to a rousing start.

Special awards were given to those companies that embodied Great Place to Work's core values. As a female BDR manager representing Fivetran, I was proud to see a special award go to companies that promote women's leadership in their workplaces.

As we approached dinner, Fivetran, along with the other entrants in our category, was awarded a 'best small workplace’ certificate. Cheers and laughter filled the room as each company was awarded their certificate. As I looked around the room, I was taken aback by the camaraderie and genuine happiness that oozed from every table as colleagues took pictures and congratulated each other on the fruits of their hard work over the year.

After dinner, Mundy roused us to our feet with a legendary performance. People from different companies danced together to ’July’ and ‘Galway Girl’ before finally sitting down to the main event of the night. As Marty took the stage again to announce the winners in each category, we eagerly waited for ’Fivetran’ to show on the screen. The nail-biting tension was felt by all as the countdown to first place was on.

Before we knew it, Fivetran was announced #4 in the Best Small Workplace 2020 category. We hugged and cheered as we relished this huge success. This is our first year competing against top-performing organisations like Mars and Asana. We are extremely proud of what we have achieved in only three short years in Ireland. As floods of congratulatory Whatsapps vibrated through my phone, I reflected. Having joined this company only a month ago, I knew I was part of something huge.

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