Fivetran goes multi-cloud with Business Critical plan

Run Fivetran on different clouds to gain flexibility and control while reducing costs.
September 24, 2021

As public cloud usage steadily becomes the norm, multi-cloud solutions are becoming more appealing to organizations of all sizes. That’s because multi-cloud infrastructures often deliver greater flexibility and control — including avoiding cloud vendor lock-in — while lowering costs.

What do we mean when we say Fivetran is “multi-cloud”?

We mean that our customers control every aspect of where Fivetran components run and where their data resides. They can:

  • Deploy Fivetran on the cloud of their choice. Today, Fivetran can be deployed to Google Cloud and AWS, with early access to Fivetran on Microsoft Azure available for current Azure customers.  
  • Orchestrate data between clouds. Fivetran can orchestrate source and destination data between clouds.
  • Allow Fivetran components to reside on multiple clouds. Customers can mix Fivetran internal component deployments across multiple cloud providers.

Why is multi-cloud important?

Multi-cloud offers greater flexibility and control, as well as the ability to reduce data movement costs.

Flexibility and control

  • Adhering to internal policies for cloud provider usage. Customers often need to meet policies and requirements to stay with a particular cloud for all cloud services.
  • Meeting data residency requirements (e.g., regulatory requirements). For AWS customers, and soon for Azure customers, this extends to the level of the individual cloud region. For example, a customer can choose to run Fivetran components or have data reside only on AWS us-east-1.
  • Future-proofing against cloud vendor lock-in.
  • For a number of reasons, the strategic choice for a cloud provider this year may not be the same in two years. Fivetran offers customers the flexibility to migrate from one cloud to another as needed, with complete continuity.
  • Customers have the flexibility to work with multiple cloud providers — for example, to accommodate a newly acquired company that runs on a different cloud, whether the situation is temporary or permanent.

Cost reduction

  • Data ingress and egress. Customers can minimize ingress and egress costs by keeping all their data within one cloud.

Getting started with multi-cloud

Multi-cloud is available through the Fivetran Enterprise and Business Critical plans, giving you the ability to run Fivetran components and process your data where you require. You can learn more about our multi-cloud and AWS data residency capabilities in our documentation, or check out our blog for additional information on AWS deployment specifically. And you can always reach out to our sales team with questions.

Cloud choice is just one of our many industry-leading data security and regulatory compliance capabilities. Learn more in our security white paper.

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