George Fraser and Tristan Handy Discuss the Fivetran-Fishtown Partnership

In a Slack discussion, the two CEOs explain why the Fivetran-dbt integration is great for data analytics engineering enthusiasts.
October 14, 2020

After the recent launch of Fivetran dbt Transformations, both the Fivetran and Fishtown Analytics teams received questions about the newly available feature. (Fishtown is the team behind dbt.)

Fivetran CEO George Fraser and Fishtown Analytics CEO Tristan Handy addressed those questions on Slack, and discussed the harmonious relationship between the two companies. Both feel that the Fivetran-dbt integration offers data professionals the right toolset for modern analytics, and look forward to working together to shape the future of data movement and data transformation.

Read the full conversation between Tristan and George on the dbt blog.

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