Fivetran Expands “Powered by” Service to Fuel Data Products

New capabilities, including a custom-branded OEM option, enable product teams to blend data integration into their apps.
April 28, 2021

Today we’re thrilled to announce a significant expansion of Powered by Fivetran, our managed service offering that makes it easy to build data-powered experiences on world-class Fivetran infrastructure. Since its release in June 2020, Powered by Fivetran has seen rapid adoption, increasing its customer count to nearly 200, and it was recently named 2021 Data Integration Innovation of the Year at the Data Breakthrough Awards.

Powered by Fivetran consists of an easy-to-use REST API, automated data connectors for more than 150 data sources and a simple embeddable setup form for users. Cloud application providers and data services companies use it to easily onboard data from customers and eliminate the need to develop and maintain data pipelines themselves. This allows them to focus their resources on creating data-rich product experiences and surfacing insights for their users.

“Powered by Fivetran solves a data problem faced by many product teams, data consultancies and marketing agencies — how do we easily and securely connect to data from our customers, partners and other external groups,” says Alexa Maturana-Lowe, Director of Product Management at Fivetran. “The Powered by Fivetran offering is a major focus for our product team. We’re proud to evolve it with new functionalities that will help us better serve our customers and save them valuable time to focus on delivering value to their customers.”

Key new Powered by Fivetran enhancements include:

  • OAuth token support for connectors. Via the REST API, Fivetran data connectors can now receive an OAuth token directly from a customer’s application and form a connection between an end-user data source and Fivetran, with no Fivetran-branded pop-up required. Now product teams can leverage the full functionality of Fivetran in the background while maintaining complete control over their app’s front-end experience — including ownership of the OAuth flow.
  • Connector metadata API endpoint. Customers can now return data — including connector names, descriptions and hi-res connector logos — and expose it in the UI of their app or portal. Instead of manually collecting info and logos for each connector, users receive that metadata programmatically from Fivetran. As we make updates to our connectors, Powered by Fivetran customers automatically receive the new information.
  • API endpoint for columns. Implementers can choose which columns they’d like to include or exclude from a table.

Fivetran has also added an ad reporting dbt package that many Powered by Fivetran customers can benefit from. The package rolls up the ad spend, clicks and impressions of some of the biggest advertising platforms (Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Bing, Twitter and LinkedIn), enabling users to see how ads are performing in one place.

Powered by Fivetran now serves customers with three distinct use cases:

1. Non-embedded. Agencies and data consulting firms manually onboard data from clients using our dashboard, then return data-driven consulting and insights based on that data.

2. Fivetran-branded OEM. Product and data teams developing an analytics-focused solution have a simple, reliable way to onboard data from customers into their app:

3. Custom-branded OEM. Product teams can onboard data from customers without any Fivetran branding. They control the entire user experience while Fivetran supports the process from behind the scenes:

This expanded offering, along with other enhancements like a getting-started guide, make Powered by Fivetran an even more valuable asset for analytic solution providers — many of whom already consider it an essential part of their product. As Aceyus Chief Technology Officer Ben Vista puts it, “It doesn’t make sense for us to spend engineering resources building some of these connections in-house when we view Powered by Fivetran as an easy-to-use extension of our own product team.”

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