Fivetran enhances AWS support

With key new integrations, Fivetran continues to help companies gain visibility into their AWS environment.
March 24, 2021

One of the advantages of using a singular cloud approach is that you can be confident that your chosen systems will easily integrate with each other. Two AWS services that help with this are CloudTrail, which can be deployed across your AWS infrastructure for application logging and monitoring, and Service Manager Inventory, which helps with scaling your company by creating a catalogue of your infrastructure.

AWS integration

Typically, AWS services are natively compatible with other AWS services, which helps expedite initial implementation, but the next blocker that companies will face is looking for a solution to easily integrate those services into their centralized data warehouse. Through centralizing this data from AWS CloudTrail, you can:

  • Understand common user actions to create flags for potentially destructive behavior
  • Enhance your operational analytics dashboards with historical anomaly data for proactive future tracking  

With AWS inventory, broaden your analytics programs to include:

  • Understand how to structure team permissions through AWS IAM for your entire organization
  • Identify efficiency gaps in current infrastructure through a consolidated view of your services

Whether you’re a current customer with 14 days of free usage for every new connector or a prospective Fivetran user with access to 14 days of unlimited usage, we always encourage you to test every integration first to understand how you can best utilize this data in your operational analytics.

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