Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for Zendesk Support

Refine customer success data modeling with more detailed ticket tracking.
September 15, 2020

Our latest dbt (data build tool) package, created for Zendesk Support, will help you refine your ticket tracking by providing models that:

  • Attach response and resolution times, along with other contextual information, to Zendesk tickets
  • Create history tracking (slowly changing dimension type 2) for Zendesk ticket fields
  • Track SLA breaches as determined by your SLA policy configured in Zendesk
  • Support both business and calendar hour reporting to accommodate your support requirements

Download the package

Zendesk API Challenges

The Zendesk Support API provides over 20 different endpoints to help you programmatically gather your data, but it presents quite a few challenges. For example, you’ll have to figure out how to:

  • Normalize the data in a way that preserves the relationships between tickets and their associated fields and accounts
  • Capture deleted objects
  • Apply your SLA policy to your analytics dashboards

What Fivetran Helps With

Our native Zendesk Support connector takes care of many of those challenges right out of the box. After the OAuth mechanism captures your authorized credentials, the API response is normalized into their respective tables, as laid out in our public documentation. This connector automatically detects when rows are updated in the source and applies those changes to the relevant rows in the destination tables, including when data has been deleted in Zendesk. Continuing to build on the data integrated by the connector, the dbt package creates tables that cover areas such as further insights into ticket field history tracking and alerting when SLA policies have been breached.

Download the package

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