Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for Shopify

Use our latest dbt package to unlock your Shopify data and power customer analytics.
September 28, 2020

Our latest dbt (data build tool) package for Shopify helps you further understand your customers’ purchasing habits. Some of the tables generated will:

  • Group customers into cohorts segmented by month to drive understanding of purchasing habits
  • Enrich customer data with additional fields, including projected lifetime value, so you can focus marketing efforts on strategic net-new customer acquisition
  • Enrich orders, order lines and product tables with additional dimensions to determine product value

Challenges of the Shopify API

Shopify makes it easy for ecommerce businesses to quickly set up their online storefronts, but when it comes to building dashboards that accurately reflect the latest state of the store, the programmatic way to fetch this data is through the Admin API (link). You’ll have to decide whether to use their GraphQL or standard REST interface and assign development resources. From there, you’ll have to decide which sub-API endpoints to query and parse the API documentation to understand how to format the data and detect updates. When you finally can start analyzing the data, you’ll have to make your own models to develop a better picture of how customer value ties to their orders, your products, and your marketing efforts.

How Fivetran Helps With Shopify Analysis

Our Shopify connector schedules and batches API calls to pull all data from all endpoints so that you can run post-load modeling according to your business needs. We unnest fields where needed to place them into tables with logical relationships for easier immediate querying and faster time to insight. From there, our Shopify dbt package creates or adds to your current Shopify dashboards by providing deeper insights into customer and store behavior.

Download the package here

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