Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for Salesforce

Monitor your sales team’s performance health, from individual salespeople to the entire team.


For an overview of how dbt powers advanced transformations, and information about our other dbt packages, take a look at this recent blog post.

The Fivetran dbt package for Salesforce provides several tables essential for individuals tracking their performance, as well as for managers and executives seeking to gauge their pipeline health. (These are new tables generated by the dbt package, in addition to the tables created by our Salesforce connector.) This package makes use of our ability to pull relevant tables from Salesforce, whether custom or standard, and create reporting tables that show:

  • Account owner and their related managers’ pipeline health, opportunities and their funnel stages, and win-loss metrics
  • Opportunities enhanced with related account and owner information
  • An overall view of sales health, including pipeline metrics, bookings metrics and win-loss counts

You can treat these tables as standalone cornerstones of your sales dashboards or combine this data with your marketing sources, such as Google Analytics or Iterable, to paint the full picture of your customer funnel.

Challenges of the Salesforce API

Salesforce Sales Cloud is the industry’s leading CRM. The product has evolved into a comprehensive sales platform over the years and now plays host to a multitude of extensions, features, and functions. The depth of data available means that when Salesforce created their API, they had to make several design decisions, including helpfully offering 4 separate API protocols; REST API, SOAP API, Bulk API, and Streaming API. It’s tricky to script a pipeline that leverages the most appropriate APIs when necessary and can seamlessly switch among the three for efficiency dependent on the use case. After extracting the data, you’ll then need to be able to track the relationships between the account owner,  their manager, their accounts, and related opportunities. Fivetran makes the data replication decisions on your behalf so that you can easily consolidate your data in your cloud data warehouse, and the accompanying package helps you start tracking sales progress faster.

How Fivetran Helps

All you need to get started is a Salesforce account. Fivetran offers the following:

  • Replicates data automatically. By using OAuth, Fivetran automatically establishes and maintains the connection to your Salesforce instance to continually replicate data, without anyone needing to know how to do mundane tasks like generate new auth tokens.
  • Manages API limits. Salesforce users commonly run into account API limits. With Fivetran, you no longer need to worry about figuring out how to batch API requests or reschedule with limits; it’s all automatically tailored to your specific account.
  • Generates destination tables. There are two categories of tables that Fivetran generates:
  • Standard tables, generated by the Salesforce connector. The Fivetran Salesforce connector generates ready-to-query tables that correspond to the Salesforce data as is.
  • Performance health tables, generated by the dbt package. The Fivetran dbt package for Salesforce adds additional tables as described above to handle sales performance health.

Fivetran dbt Package for Salesforce Results:

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