Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for Stripe

Our new dbt package will help you make sense of Stripe’s detailed API and improve your finance analytics.

Our dbt package for Stripe can help improve your finance analytics by making sense of Stripe’s numerous data points to track customer ties to transactions.

This package creates models that:

  • Provide time-segmented overviews of your balances and transactions
  • Enrich subscriptions and invoices with details about associated objects such as charges and customers
  • Tie balance transactions to relevant customer and payment details
  • You can use these models for immediate Stripe overview tracking, or build on them to do things like create MRR dashboards for insights into month-over-month financial health.

Stripe API Challenges

Stripe’s API provides numerous endpoints to pull historical data for all objects through, along with an events endpoint to track ongoing changes to your recorded Stripe activities. The sheer amount of data available through the API makes it difficult to structure the API response into an easy-to-understand schema. Joins across disparate tables become increasingly challenging, and that SQL logic creates onboarding complexity for new analysts. Having to parse the events endpoint to identify updated tables and reconcile the different naming conventions of the API and UI only adds to the steep learning curve.

How Fivetran Makes Stripe Integration Easier

To complete the initial setup, the Fivetran Stripe integration needs only the API key. It then delivers data in a consistent format that clearly lays out object relations. The package further simplifies the ERD by running common joins across tables — for example, tying individual subscription line items to customers and transactions to determine holistic business impact. Subscription-based companies often struggle to create a model from Stripe data that accurately reflects MRR, so the Fivetran dbt package’s README specifically calls out which table to use as your base for calculating MRR.

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