Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for HubSpot

Use our dbt package for HubSpot to build your sales and marketing dashboards.

Whether you use HubSpot just to manage email campaigns or leverage the fuller product suite to track sales opportunities, our HubSpot dbt package offers greater visibility into customer engagement by:

  • Tying engagement activities to companies, deals and contacts
  • Providing SCD Type 2 tables for ongoing changes to companies and deals
  • Joining email campaigns to specific metrics on email activities

The tables generated for this package can be used as the cornerstone of a consolidated view of your marketing campaigns. You’ll be able to understand how campaigns drive successful interactions and improve future campaigns accordingly.

##Challenges of the HubSpot API HubSpot provides a great place to create and launch marketing campaigns, but the success of those campaigns depends on whether customers interact with your content, and how. The HubSpot API provides a way to export engagement data — including notes, tasks, emails, meetings and calls — but it doesn’t offer the data in a segmented format, so it’s tough to distinguish between different engagements. Also, due to the volume of available HubSpot data, there are a multitude of tables that must be joined to make sense of how engagements tie into contacts and deals.

##How Fivetran Helps We start with the normalized ERD, which brings over all HubSpot data, including custom properties, and also splits out engagements by type, making it easier to start reporting on a specific measure of engagement. The dbt package takes this further by joining engagements with other objects in HubSpot, such as campaigns and deals, making it easier for you to build out the customer journey and better target future customers.

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