Announcing the Fivetran dbt Package for Asana

Improve your Asana task management for more efficient projects.

Asana is a popular task management application whose data, when brought in through Fivetran and transformed with this package, allows analysts to:

  • Track individual tasks and user activity, and join that data with relevant projects and teams to scope resource bandwidth
  • Create an overall view of a project and associated tasks and users
  • Determine task backlogs, defined by last recorded activity on tasks
  • Enrich tags with associated task metrics to track progress or priority

These kinds of metrics created in the output table will help you better align resources for more efficient project execution. You can also join these models with engineering data from sources like GitHub for more comprehensive insights.

Challenges of the Asana API

Because Asana has grown quickly, and businesses use it to manage projects across many different departments, it generates a lot of data. The Asana API makes this information readily accessible, but it’s not always clear how to use it productively. For example, tasks are central to everything that happens in Asana, and they have many different relationships. Joining this data across all of their respective objects can become a complex process. The “story” object is available to trace what’s happened with each task, but this information still needs to be parsed out to get activity associated with higher-level objects like projects.

How Fivetran Helps

The Asana dbt package first ingests and normalizes your project management data with our connector, and then makes use of the Fivetran-created schema to:

  • Help track the history of tasks
  • Create a backlog of tasks that isn’t available with the current UI
  • Join task activity to parent and individual activities

Download the dbt package on dbt hub

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