Fivetran Automated Data Integration Awarded Amazon Redshift Ready Designation

Already an AWS Advanced Technology Partner, Fivetran has now earned the Redshift Ready designation for its seamless integration with Amazon Redshift.
March 1, 2020

We are delighted to share that Fivetran has earned the Redshift Ready designation as part of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Ready Program. This is beyond prior recognition as an Advanced Technology Company within the Advanced Partner Network (APN) program, which helps AWS customers find APN Technology Partner products that integrate with Amazon Redshift.

Amazon Redshift is a fast, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse that makes it simple and cost-effective to efficiently analyze all of your data using your existing business intelligence tools, like Tableau, Looker and more.

As an Amazon Redshift Ready Partner, Fivetran extracts application and other source data from both inside and outside your AWS environment, loads and centralizes all the data into Amazon Redshift, and transforms it within Redshift, so that insights may be analyzed and shared.

Fivetran is different from manual data pipeline assembly and ETL tools in a number of ways:

  • Set up in minutes
  • Cloud-native, designed for the cloud
  • ELT architecture, enabling transformations within Amazon Redshift for better performance and less time and cost moving data back and forth
  • Connectors keep up with change, even as the source API and schemas change

Fivetran customers use Amazon Redshift across a variety of industries:

Here’s what customers are saying about Fivetran with Amazon Redshift:

Mateus Fantini, Director of Analytics, Taylor & Francis Group

I was looking for something that I wouldn't have to manage, that was zero-configuration, and Fivetran was exactly what I was looking for. Everything was so straightforward to set up.

Joe Robertson, CTO, Papier

Fivetran has improved the quality of our ETL. It's been fantastic to just let it run. We can link the ad data with our customer records to show ROA and ROI on advertising based on the lifetime value of the customers we acquire.

John Huang, Head of Data, Lob

Lob has always been fairly AWS-oriented in terms of our infrastructure. Fivetran works really well in terms of bringing different sources into Redshift, which is our single source of truth.

Sean Rober, Head of Analytics, Zenefits

We use Fivetran to load data into Redshift and they work really well together. Redshift’s super-fast reporting capabilities really enable us to derive insights from the data that Fivetran is loading.

The Redshift connector enables you to:

  • Set up your modern data stack in minutes, and easily connect 150+ sources of business and technical data, including Salesforce, NetSuite, Amazon S3 and Google Sheets
  • Transform your data in a high-performance ELT architecture, where the processing is done within Redshift itself rather than moving data in and out
  • Automate connectivity with all your data sources, no matter their API and schema changes

Learn more about the Fivetran Redshift connector, including documentation.

Fivetran is also closely tailored with other AWS services. Check out the documentation for each Fivetran AWS connector:

To purchase Fivetran or learn more, go to the Fivetran listing on the AWS Marketplace or reach out to

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