Now in BETA: Fivetran REST API

Use our REST API to automate your workflow by programmatically managing users, groups and connectors.

We are proud to announce the BETA for our first REST API. Our customers with Enterprise accounts can now use our API to manage users, groups and connectors programmatically. You will be able to create, change and delete connectors and users, as well as add and remove users from groups. You will also be able to retrieve a variety of summary information about users, groups and connectors.

These new endpoints help users with a lot of Fivetran connectors build automations to make their lives easier. Essential functions include connecting new data sources automatically and updating sync frequency across connectors en masse. In response to popular demand, we have also made it easy to automatically onboard and offboard users who need access to Fivetran connectors.

Our earliest testers stumbled upon an immediate use for this API: internal analytics to better understand how Fivetran is working for you. We have outlined the process we use to build connector status dashboards in a blog post so you can do it too!

Our REST API has plenty of other uses for you to discover. Our full documentation can be found here.

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