Ensuring that Fivetran parents have a voice

A new employee resource group helps parents and guardians feel comfortable asking for what they need.
November 3, 2021

Working parents and guardians have unique concerns — especially during a pandemic. Younger children might not be vaccinated and could be at risk of infection. A child might need an emergency trip to the doctor just before an important meeting, or require help with school projects in the evening. New employees might need a recommendation for a local pediatrician.

“That’s why we formed an employee resource group for parents — to share knowledge and support one another,” says Raman Kaler, Head of Partner Marketing at Fivetran and co-founder of Fivetran Parents, a new employee resource group (ERG). “We hope that kind of support and acknowledgement will allow us to bring our whole selves to work.”

Meeting the specific needs of parents

The Fivetran Parents ERG didn’t happen in a vacuum: We value having parents and guardians on our team. From the beginning, Fivetran Parents had firm support from Fivetran executives. Fraser Harris, VP of Product, pushed for the formation of the group.

“I'm honored to be the Executive Sponsor and advocate on behalf of all parents and guardians at Fivetran,” Fraser says. “It’s important to us to support working parents, particularly now.”

Fivetran benefits include parental leave, paid time off, paid sick time, and holidays and volunteer days off. We’re also a hybrid work company, giving parents the flexibility to decide when and how often they want to be in the office.  

Fivetran Parents works with HR during open enrollment to add benefits as needed. “If any topics are really pressing, Fivetran Parents is helpful in making us feel heard regarding workplace issues of childcare, flexible work and so on,” says Shauna Healy, Sales Development Representative and one of the co-founders of the group.

But maybe a parent or guardian wants something more, such as friendly advice or a conversation with others going through the same thing. Or perhaps they want to share a funny parenting story with someone who can relate. As Raman puts it:

Just having somebody there to talk to — someone who can advise you — is invaluable. Some folks who have reached out are new to the Bay Area. They need advice on navigating parenting in the new environment, such as finding a daycare center. We’re trying to help everyone, including those who are considering parenthood.

Helping parents put kids first

According to Shauna, “Fivetran puts the needs of your family first. No one ever questions the need for you to be there for your dependents — whether it’s a doctor’s appointment, an early afternoon activity, an unexpected sick day — or anything else."

Devon Arscott, Senior Account Executive, Growth, adds, “The paternity-maternity leave policy is generous as well, which is a testament that the company cares about its employees and wants them to stick around through all their life phases.”

“Inclusion is important at Fivetran — that comes from the top down, and it includes Fivetran Parents,” Raman notes. Fivetran managers occasionally contact the group for advice on how to serve parents better. And the executive team includes group members in decisions that have to do with diversity and inclusion.

“We want everybody to be represented here and have a voice,” says Raman. “The aim is to keep Fivetran Parents open for anyone.”

Building community through ERGs

Employee resource groups play a critical role at Fivetran. They help us create community and support underrepresented voices. They regularly host speakers, events and seminars that are open to everyone in the company, regardless of identity, department or location. Our ERGs include:

  • Women+
  • LatinX
  • Black Fivetranners Network

Join us!

If you’re interested in joining the Fivetran team, we’d love to hear from you. We’re hiring for dozens of positions across all departments and regions. Check out our careers page to learn more — and please get in touch!

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