Digital Agencies Centralize Data to Drive Growth and Build Loyalty

Automated data integration makes it much easier for digital agencies to help clients connect the dots across marketing and non-marketing data sources.
January 14, 2020

A Twofold Analytics Challenge for Digital Agencies

Digital agencies don’t just need to create highly personalized customer experiences and precisely targeted multi-channel campaigns that drive growth. Today’s clients also demand direct access to real-time measures of campaign performance, including dashboards, reports combining disparate data sets, and dedicated warehouses for both marketing and non-marketing data — such as accounting data, finance data and more.

Automated data integration empowers digital agencies to excel in all of these areas. Centralizing transactional, behavioral and campaign data from multiple sources into a cloud warehouse enables agencies to conduct comprehensive funnel analysis on behalf of clients and continually improve customer experience and engagement. The right data integration solution also allows agencies to spin off analytics resources and products for clients, from dashboards and reports to data warehouses — a powerful brand differentiator.

This kind of integration solution is a major data engineering challenge, however. Customer data originates from myriad sources, often featuring custom objects, and source APIs and schemas change frequently and unpredictably. Agencies need a data engineering team with enough spare bandwidth to create a new marketing analytics environment.

That team need not be kept in-house, however. Instead, agencies can choose a simpler, more affordable approach by purchasing an automated data integration tool off the shelf.

Eliminating the Engineering Burden for Marketing Analytics

By automating the data integration process, Fivetran effectively removes the pipeline engineering burden from digital agencies. Neither marketers nor data teams have to worry about building or maintaining data pipelines. That means any data source can be easily added to connect the dots across the business. And with the right business intelligence tool, even non-technical team members can analyze marketing data.

Fivetran also makes it easy for digital agencies to spin up new accounts for clients and add multiple data sources within each account. Agencies can rapidly onboard new customers, providing each with the unique combination of data sources they need to optimize campaigns, and adding new data sources as necessary.

Digital agencies can use Fivetran to:

  • Centralize all client marketing and non-marketing data into any cloud data warehouse
  • Continuously sync data from every source
  • Automatically adjust to source API and schema changes
  • Detect and replicate custom objects
  • Seamlessly integrate with BI tools

With clients’ marketing data in place, digital agencies can:

  • Precisely segment customers and design highly targeted advertising campaigns
  • Create real-time ROI and attribution reports, sharing insights from the latest customer data and matching ad spend to closed business
  • Develop reliable forecasts based on analysis of up-to-date customer data from every source
  • Optimize marketing programs, products and services for clients by generating comprehensive insights into customer behavior and the customer journey
  • Rapidly add sources to client accounts to meet individual data needs
  • Easily create new offerings such as data products for clients (dashboards, reports, etc.) by combining marketing with non-marketing data

How Digital Agencies Use Fivetran to Drive Growth and Client Satisfaction

Digital agencies use Fivetran to optimize the campaigns they create and manage for clients, as well as provide clients with timely, accurate data to measure the effectiveness of their ad spend. NYC-based agency Crossmedia used Fivetran to replace an all-in-one marketing data platform that had limited reporting and integration capabilities. The company can now easily combine data from every client source in a cloud warehouse and accurately measure ROI and other KPIs without diverting in-house engineering resources. Crossmedia generates reports for clients in minutes rather than days and builds marketing data warehouses for clients in days instead of weeks. “The pace of development on data products for clients has grown exponentially,” says Crossmedia Data Scientist Kade Killary.

To learn more about how Fivetran automated data integration helps digital agencies meet key business challenges, check out this collection of case studies. For more resources or technical details about deploying Fivetran marketing connectors for your business, reach out to

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