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This year's Modern Data Stack Conference features speakers and sessions for data professionals of all kinds.
September 9, 2021

The Modern Data Stack Conference 2021 is scheduled for September 22-23. Our premier yearly virtual conference is a community event for data professionals of all kinds. Whether you’re a seasoned data professional or new to the profession, you’ll be able to learn about the latest best practices, innovations, and technological developments. Our sessions feature insights from the most accomplished executives, investors, and professionals in industry. The following sessions are geared specifically towards data engineers and data architects, including but not limited to:

On September 22, learn how destinations have continued to evolve with Your Next Data Warehouse is not a Data Warehouse. Discover Lakehouse by Jason Pohl, Principal Solutions Architect at Databricks. The presentation will describe how the data lakehouse combines the performance and scale of the data warehouse with the open, low cost benefits of the data lake to provide one simple platform for all data workloads.

Later that day, learn how Korri Jones, Senior Lead Machine Learning Engineer at Chick-fil-A, and his team prioritized the right analytics projects to keep the company healthy, protect their guests, support frontline workers, and prosper in the midst of the pandemic. Check out How Chick-fil-A’s Data Team Leveraged Forecasting to Prioritize Business in the Pandemic at 11:05 AM PST.

On September 23, check out Reverse ETL and Why Your Warehouse Should be Your CDP at 11:40 AM PST, by Tejas Manohar of Hightouch. Learn how you can operationalize your analytics data models using the final missing ingredient to automated ELT and build a robust Customer Data Platform (CDP) out of your data warehouse.

Later on, join us for Fireside Chat: Bringing Product Analytics to the Modern Data Stack at 1:50PM PST to hear how Mixpanel, Brooklyn Data and Census use the modern data stack to understand how customers use products. Topics will include funnel, flow, cohort, and retention analysis.

We have over 40 events scheduled. Check out the full agenda to see what piques your interest!#

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