The People Difference: The Teams Behind Our Customers' Success

Our obsessive focus on customer success is at the heart of everything we do.
April 7, 2021

Choices, choices, choices.

When it comes to selecting the vendor that works best for your needs in terms of a data pipeline or ELT, much of what goes into the decision-making process are important considerations like sync speeds, SLAs, breadth of connectors, and so forth. While all of those are certainly important—and elements that we at Fivetran are committed to leading in the market—there is another element that is just as important as these technical aspects, but is often not evaluated with the same level of scrutiny: the team behind your data pipeline.

One of the main reasons that you outsource your data pipeline maintenance is so that you don’t have to do the time-consuming work of digging into breakages and backfilling missing data.

Customer success and support then, when something does go wrong, as well as when you have success or want to do more, should be a more critical aspect of your decision to the long-term success of your modern data stack. If you go with a community-based or open-source approach to your pipeline maintenance, you could be waiting months for fixes and have little in terms of support.

To that end, we wanted to detail out what exactly our customers get in terms of technical support so you can be sure you are picking not only the best tool in terms of technology but also customer success.

Support Starts Before You Are a Fivetran Customer

Truly, our customer support starts before you are even a customer.

While you can, of course, never talk to a sales person through our online purchasing method—just put in your credit card and go–we also have a team of experts (Sales Engineers and Account Executives) who can help you create a tailored data ingestion strategy based on your business needs and requirements.

Plus, with our 14-day free trial and free historical syncs, our number one priority is to ensure you are set up for success from day one.

Three Teams Dedicated to Customer Success

As a customer, you have distinct teams all looking out for your success. It starts with our Support Team. Think of this as an extension of your own team when it comes to jumping in on issues. While we are proud of our 99.9% uptime, there are issues where things break—most often because of an unknown change coming from the data source’s API. If anything is broken—or looks broken to you—we have an entire support team ready to fight fires and reduce down time for you. As an example, in Q4 2020, they resolved 3,021 tickets from customers.

While our support team is your front line to keeping everything humming, we still have two more teams dedicated to your day-to-day success and these are our Technical Success and Customer Success Teams.

The Customer Success teams’ main goal is to ensure your data strategy is successful. With your pipeline automated and data flowing to your warehouse, you might want to talk through how to improve your transformations or analytics, or understand how you can not only solve for your marketing analytic projects but also those in finance.

The Customer Success team is your partner in all things data strategy and helps you truly move beyond menial pipeline management and onto meaningful data insights that have a tangible impact at your company.

Last, but certainly not least in the success teams, is Technical Success. These are essentially like data engineers in your back pocket. What if you can't figure out what that one table is formatting like that? Or want to understand more about why the schema is set up in that way? Trying to figure out what Facebook calls that field and why it’s called something different than LinkedIn? Just ask our Technical Success team. Instead of you digging through documentation of developer APIs for hours, we’ve got a global team who probably knows your answer—or will do the digging for you.

But they don’t just keep all that information in their head. Instead, they’re busy creating self-service articles to help you move even faster.

These three teams combined are the powerhouses behind our incredible CSAT score of 95% with 93% of our customer accounts are at or above our goal of 65 for their Sentiment Score.

Customer Support is Truly Everywhere at Fivetran

While we do have teams and people around the globe with ‘success’ or ‘support’ in their title, there’s truly so much more going on behind the scenes to ensure our customers are supported and their pipelines are running smoothly.

For example, we are fanatic about dbt. In fact, did you know that we have a whole team of people building free dbt packages for our connectors? We know the importance of transformations in the ELT process and we truly want our customers to experience greater speed to insights, so we took it on to build our own transformations for you.

We also have a high-caliber product and engineering teams working around the globe, between offices in India, Sydney, California, Dublin, London, Moscow, and beyond—there’s always a team of Fivetranners hard at work.

Our connectors don’t have the uptime by luck–or waiting on community members to update—they take a lot of hard work being done behind the scenes by really smart people so that our customers can just set it and forget it. In fact, in the fourth quarter of 2020, we achieved a whopping 99.9% uptime!

Looking for the best documentation around? Our technical writers are setting the bar high for the best in documentation so you can dig in wherever you need—just last quarter, they created and updated over 332 docs.  

As our CEO, George Fraser, puts it:

“Our strong business momentum is the result of two simple facts: we provide always-available data pipelines that just work, and we stand by our word to make access to data as simple and reliable as electricity.

“To put that in perspective, Fivetran manages more than 700,000 schema changes every month — events that commonly break legacy ETL pipelines and need to be fixed by a data engineer. This is the value of Fivetran — delivering accurate, timely data even when source systems change, which ultimately powers analytics teams to make better decisions.”

Try your own trial of Fivetran for 14-days for free and see our best-in-class platform and teams first hand.

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