Now in BETA: Custom Roles

Tighten your security by specifying the exact sources your users can manage.

We are proud to announce our new Custom Roles feature for our Enterprise users. The new Custom Roles feature allows a top-level administrator — called an “Owner” — to create roles with custom permissions and assign them to users. In particular, an Owner can specify whether a role can manage warehouse connections, invite others to a warehouse group, upload files, or manage logs. The Owner can also designate exactly which data sources a role can create, edit or delete.

In order to access this feature, visit your Fivetran dashboard, click the upper left drop-down, and select “Manage Account.”

Click on the “Roles” tab and select “+ ROLE”:

Set the permissions you would like to assign:

You can assign the new custom roles to users with the “Users” tab:

By default we offer four roles:

  1. Admin: full permissions and access
  2. Analyst: all permissions except setting up and editing warehouse connections
  3. Uploader: can only upload files
  4. Read Only: can only view the dashboard

Custom Roles enable Enterprise users to add additional roles with varying permissions and access by source. Different sources and types of data should be treated with different levels of sensitivity by different parties, so we have created custom roles to specifically enable organizations to feel more comfortable providing access to more users. For example, a large organization may want an analytics team to set up Google Sheets connectors for ad hoc analytics without allowing the same team to accidentally alter its Salesforce and financial database connectors.

At Fivetran, we aspire to democratize access to data. At the same time, it is not appropriate for every user —especially in a large organization — to have access to every part of the data pipeline. Custom roles give you the flexibility to determine exactly what each one of your users can and can’t do, with the goal of empowering more of your team members to access the data that they need to do their jobs.

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