Closing the gender gap in tech sales

How we strive to create the best experience for the women we support and promote at Fivetran.
July 20, 2022

It’s really hard to find a truly fulfilling sales job. To narrow the search, most people need to check boxes like: clear expectations, advancement opportunities, a solid product, a stellar culture...the list goes on and on and on. 

If you’re a woman, you’re also likely looking for equal opportunities to speak up, make an impact and become a leader. This can be a huge challenge, especially when you’re not reflected in the interview panel. This is typical for most under-represented groups too, especially in tech. 

As female leaders in the Sales XDR org at Fivetran, we have both experienced this challenge firsthand. For this reason, we’re sharing three ways Fivetran strives to create the best experience for the women we onboard and promote. 

Support upon arrival

Closing the gender gap across the job market has (thankfully) been a focus for many years, and this is especially true at Fivetran. While industry experience is important, what we find to be more meaningful is identifying the transferable skills that are integral to long-term success, such as critical thinking, problem solving and leadership.

“Starting the interview process for a sales role was an intimidating process for me, but I immediately felt represented in every Fivetran interview I had. I had the opportunity to talk to amazing women who would be leading me, as well as some who would be my future teammates. It was clear how dedicated they were to providing advancement opportunities for them at Fivetran. I’m so grateful to have had such an amazing interview process and to continue learning from those same female leaders as I’ve started my sales career!”
- Delaney Wiley, Senior Enterprise BDR, Fivetran 

Upon arrival, we review both professional and personal goals with all new hires. We ensure they have access to all the support Fivetran offers to help them achieve their objectives. 

“Shortly after starting at Fivetran, I was informed about the different employee resource groups, and I attended a panel session held by the Women’s ERG, which was also how I learned about the mentorship program. Everyone at Fivetran is very willing and enthusiastic about connecting others with like-minded individuals. As a woman in tech, this has been so beneficial in establishing camaraderie and creating an environment where we are not only supported but have endless opportunities for growth.” 
- Chloe Malecha, Sales Development Representative, Fivetran

This foundation sets our team members up for success as they grow with Fivetran and kickstart their careers. 

Thriving in the role 

Many of the females in our sales organization are consistently top performers. These women are setting the bar high when it comes to driving results, implementing new processes and creating innovative ways to engage with prospects and customers. 

“My experience at Fivetran has been amazing, both personally and professionally. I’ve had the opportunity to test new ways to streamline my process like adding a tool called Chili Piper for meeting reminders and blind calendar invites. Fivetran allows an incredible work life balance that keeps your drive going.”
- Mikayla Harvey, SDR team lead, Fivetran

We recognize the hard work these individuals are putting in day in and day out, and we foster a safe environment of collaboration and the ability to exercise creative license. Typically strong performers become trainers for the others in the group and use that as an opportunity for growth. Team-led training allows for authenticity and strong camaraderie. Fivetran also offers a learning stipend if a team member would like to expand their knowledge further than our internal training. 

Creating a transparent and equal path for career advancement

At Fivetran, the promotion path within the sales organization is extremely clear and presented within the first week of onboarding a new hire. We want our people to fully understand the opportunity ahead of them and how they are going to get there. The path is purely performance-based. If you hit your goal and you live out our values, you will be rewarded. 

“Between the clear metrics, an encouraging BDR team and peers who are in the account executive role willing to help and coach me — my promotion path was achievable. Having a plan in front me helped me stay motivated and kept me on track to make it to that next role in my career in tech.” 
- Molly Baltzer, Account Executive, Fivetran 

Last year, more than 20 females were promoted in the SDR/BDR organization globally. We still have a long way to go. 

In summary, we’re dedicated to onboarding, supporting and promoting strong females into leadership roles within Fivetran. We take our responsibility to close the gender gap in tech very seriously. If you or someone you know is looking for a truly fulfilling job in tech and you don’t know where to start, this is your sign. 

We’d love to hear from anyone interested in joining Fivetran. We’re hiring across all departments and regions. Check out our careers page to learn more, and please get in touch!

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