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A collaborative culture, healthy work-life balance and plenty of technical challenges make Fivetran a great place for engineers.

The Fivetran mission is to make data access as simple and reliable as electricity, and that mission has resonated powerfully in the industry over the last few years. Fivetran has grown from a five-engineer data integration startup to a billion-dollar company with a global workforce of over 600.

Fivetran engineers take great pride in seeing our software power decision-making at thousands of companies across the world. Our product is fundamentally simple: We connect to a variety of popular data sources and deliver data seamlessly, quickly, and transparently to our customers’ data warehouses. To build our product, we use advanced tools and are committed to continual innovation and research in the data integration space.

If you’re a software engineer looking for interesting technical challenges, purpose-driven work, and genuine career mobility, Fivetran is a great fit. Below, some of our engineers discuss why they chose to work at Fivetran. Their responses vary, but they have one thing in common: Fivetran provides a supportive work environment that encourages engineers to challenge themselves.

A collaborative culture and groundbreaking product

Stepan Babayan, a software engineer, began at Fivetran as an intern in 2018. He now works on an internal service that protects customer data from unauthorized access. Stepan likes our cooperative and friendly atmosphere.

“Our engineers learn from each other — we help each other,” he says. “We don’t compete against each other. We're all focused on building a groundbreaking product. There are a lot of challenging yet exciting problems that help engineers to grow.”

Healthy work-life Balance, industry-leading technology

Zainab Merchant recently began at Fivetran as an engineering manager. Zainab believes in the products we make. “I believe in empowering people with data so that they can make the right decisions,” she says. “Fivetran has products that enable just that.”

In fact, Fivetran offers dozens of data source connectors that analysts use to help grow their businesses, and we continue to build more.

However, besides desiring to work at a company that helps to empower others, Zainab also sought balance for herself. Many people realized during the last year that quality of life is an important factor when choosing an employer. Zainab wanted “the opportunity to learn new technologies, a collaborative team, and a healthy work-life balance. Fivetran checked all of the above.”

New technical and professional opportunities

Angel Hernandez, who works as a senior sales engineer, started at Fivetran during the pandemic. He came to us because he wanted new opportunities.

“I was looking for a new kind of challenge for my technical and interpersonal skills,” he says. “I was a data engineer and consultant at my previous job. I enjoyed the parts of my job where I got to pitch and implement our solutions to prospective clients, but those opportunities were far and few for me. When I heard about Fivetran and their approach to data pipelines, it strongly resonated with me.”

If you’re not familiar with our data pipeline approach and want to learn more, check out “What Is Fully Managed ELT?” for a terrific overview.

Openness to good ideas, no matter where they come from

Eric O’Connor joined Fivetran in its early days and is now the director of our core engineering team. Why does he enjoy working at Fivetran? “At Fivetran, good ideas are well-received at all levels, and that leaves team members with the ability to impact decision-making, regardless of their role,” he says.

He also appreciates our customer-driven engineering approach: “Our laser focus on delivering a good data experience for analysts is refreshing and real. We’re not trying to save the world, but we deliver data to our customers, who are able to use that to make better decisions.”

What does Eric look for in engineering candidates? “We like to hire engineers who are practical and grounded. Our interview panels strive to assess based on real-world challenges and simulations of day-to-day work. A typical interview might take the form of you solving a work-simulation problem with your interviewer, rather than being isolated at the whiteboard.”

A broad array of engineering challenges

Eric also mentioned that the Fivetran roadmap is “focused both on solving challenges at a purely technical level, but also on challenges related to team scale and enablement. Our technical challenges range from JVM optimizations and designing cloud architectures to powerful data-handling abstractions. Our enablement challenges are driven by the very large product we support — the ability to effectively and efficiently work together with a large team, reduce toil, and improve automation is core to our work.”

Recognition for an exemplary workplace culture

Fivetran is growing, and not just because we offer an excellent product. Our positive team culture and ability to provide fulfilling technical work to our engineers help contribute to our continued expansion as well.

We think Fivetran is a terrific place to work, and we have the recognition to prove it. We’ve earned a number of best employer awards from multiple states and countries, including:

Interested in an engineering career at Fivetran? Learn more about us here on the Fivetran Blog or check out our open positions.

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