Fivetran Grows APAC Presence With Sydney Office

Fivetran continues its global expansion across the Asia-Pacific region.
May 22, 2020

Fivetran is on a mission to provide businesses automated access to all their data through radically simple data integration, offering service-level guarantees as reliable as a utility. While our roots are in the United States, we have since expanded to EMEA and now APAC.

T.J. Chandler, Fivetran Managing Director for the APAC region, recalls his first meeting with Fivetran CEO George Fraser when he spoke of establishing a Fivetran “outpost” in Sydney: “I took George’s guidance to heart, and promptly set out to nurture a team, a partner ecosystem, and an approach that extends our values and mission into APAC.” (#1Team1Dream)

Earlier this month, we officially planted the Fivetran flag in Australia. We held a virtual launch event welcoming customers, partners, prospects and Fivetran community members from across Asia-Pacific and the world. The Sydney office — the first of many anticipated locations in the region — is more than a sales branch, offering regional support to customers and promoting our core mission: making access to data as simple and reliable as electricity.

New Data Centers in Australia for On-Shore Data Residency

T.J. introduced his Sydney team and announced the opening of the first Fivetran data center in the region, located in Australia, which will address onshore data residency requirements, as well as offer local performance benefits for Fivetran customers.

Fivetran Pays Off for Australian Fintech Company Afterpay

T.J. then welcomed innovative payment processing startup Afterpay to present its Fivetran success story. Afterpay allows customers to make purchases at list price and pay for them over four equal installments.

Nitish Mathew, Global Head of Data Engineering at Afterpay, explained how the partnership with Fivetran has “paid off in spades.” Afterpay’s CEO challenged Nitish to build a cloud data warehouse in just three months. With the help of Fivetran, Nitish accomplished this goal and more. Afterpay's data sources exploded from just two in 2017 to over 50 today.

Fivetran helped Afterpay achieve its main objective: providing data as fast as possible to its analytics teams. Nitish and his team were “flabbergasted” when they realized they could set up Fivetran in about five minutes and access the data shortly thereafter. Here is an email excerpt that Nitish shared during the webinar:

Data-Driven Insights Fuel Servian’s Customers

Tim Morrison from Servian took the virtual stage next. Servian has helped several of Australia’s top organizations become more data-driven and competitive. Tim outlined a few interesting Fivetran use cases, including one with law enforcement.

Businesses are often challenged to do more with less, and the same holds true for public service organizations. Tim shared a fascinating discussion about data-driven policing, in which police departments analyze data to be proactive with interventions before crimes occur and speak with persons of interest to accelerate investigations.

The Fivetran Philosophy of Data Management

At the end of the webinar, George shared his belief that every organization should be able to access data from any source, in minutes. This will require a radical rethink of cloud data warehouse architecture. Legacy ETL tools emphasize complex configurations, while Fivetran focuses on simplicity. Fivetran uses an ELT process, automatically normalizing denormalized data from APIs and replicating normalized schemas. Our fully managed, zero-maintenance connectors provide a scalable foundation for all your data-driven applications.

Congratulations to the Fivetran Australia/New Zealand (FANZ) Club! For a brief recap of the launch event, please take a look at this video.

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