And the winners of the 2021 Fivetran Partner Awards are ...

At Fivetran, our partners are essential to our success. We launched our inaugural Partner Awards to show them the love they deserve.
September 21, 2021

Earlier today, we virtually hosted our annual Fivetran Partner Summit, held in conjunction with the Modern Stack Conference, which officially kicks off for two days beginning tomorrow. The Summit was an opportunity to thank our trusted partners, who accelerate time to value for our customers daily, and look ahead to future possibilities.

It goes without saying that Fivetran would not be growing as we are today without our SI and tech alliance partners. As Logan Welly, our VP of Alliances, put it at the Summit:

Partners are built into the DNA at Fivetran — we do not succeed as a business without our fantastic partners. Our partners are all as customer-obsessed as we are and we all share a common goal — to evangelize the modern data stack and create the best customer experience possible by doing so. Thank you to every Fivetran partner for your amazing contribution to this mission.

This year, to honor the critical role our partners play in our success, we introduced the Fivetran partner awards. We recognized partners who went above and beyond in their contributions to our ecosystem. The awards fall into two categories: Tech Alliances Awards and SI Partner Awards.

Without further ado, here are the winners — and their acceptance speeches!

Tech alliances awards

Technology Partner of Year: Snowflake

Acceptance speech by Colleen Kapase, SVP, WW Partners & Alliances at Snowflake:

Snowflake is honored to be accepting the Technology Partner of the Year award from Fivetran. Our partnership continues to evolve to support our joint customers by helping automate data integration with zero-maintenance data pipelines allowing for a more data driven culture.

Innovation Technology Partner: Databricks

Acceptance speech by Adam Conway, SVP of Products at Databricks:

We are thrilled to receive the first-ever Fivetran Innovation Technology Partner of the Year Award and see this as a testament to the rapid adoption of lakehouse as the data architecture of the future. This highlights the tremendous value our joint customers are seeing as they simplify and accelerate data pipelines across the enterprise. We look forward to building on our collaborative partnership with the Fivetran team to deliver new innovations and deeper platform integrations together.

And here are Databricks' Director of Product Partnerships Maria Pere-Perez and Senior Partners Solutions Architect Prasad Kona, fittingly accepting their award in front of a lake house:

Better Together Technology Partner: Google Cloud

Acceptance speech by Manvinder Singh, Director of Partnerships at Google Cloud:

We're delighted to see the value Fivetran and Google Cloud are delivering together for customers, and we look forward to expanding our work with Fivetran to help organizations get more value out of their business data.

Ecosystem Partner of the Year: Looker

Acceptance speech by Sam Harkness, Head of Partnerships at Looker:

We’re honored to be named Fivetran Ecosystem Partner of the Year. From the inception of our partnership, our mission was to offer a more open, flexible and modular cloud-based data analytics stack. Today, we’re humbled by the multitude of organizations who are able to tap into the full value of their data with Fivetran and Looker. We’re proud to be a partner of Fivetran and look forward to our ongoing collaboration to create best-in-class data experiences for our customers.

SI  partner awards

Global SI of the Year: Slalom

Acceptance speech by Garret Carlson, Managing Director of Global Alliances at Slalom:

We strive to build best partnerships on a shared path of equality, desire, and customer obsession. From streamlining supply chains to curing cancer, data is the key to a better future. We partner with Fivetran because their platform ensures consistent, reliable access to data for our clients. Our joint goal is to translate data into real-world results.

Learn how Fivetran and Slalom helped power analytics for Maravai LifeSciences.

Regional Partner of the Year (Americas): Brooklyn Data

Acceptance speech by Scott Breitenother, Founder at Brooklyn Data:

We're incredibly honored and excited to be Fivetran's US SI Partner of the Year! At Brooklyn Data we pride ourselves in building robust, scalable data infrastructure for our clients, and that's why we love Fivetran. We know Fivetran will deliver for our ecommerce clients on Black Friday, our healthcare clients with HIPAA requirements, and all our other clients that rely on their data!

Check out the Brooklyn Data acceptance acceptance speech in its entirety.

Regional Rising Star (Americas): Data Culture

Acceptance speech by Gabi Steele and Leah Weiss, Cofounders of Data Culture:

We founded Data Culture to help organizations build data capabilities and culture, and Fivetran has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals. With Fivetran, we can get the modern data stack up and running quickly and seamlessly, so we can get to work on solving meaningful business problems using data. Beyond our appreciation for Fivetran as a technology, this award is a recognition of our shared beliefs. The Fivetran team has collaborated with us on education initiatives, events, and is an active part of the Data Culture community. We know this is just beginning for our partnership and can't wait to build on what we've been able to accomplish this year.

Regional Innovation Partner (Americas): Montreal Analytics

For the acceptance speech, see “One to Many/Fivetran Awards” by Cyril Marques, CEO at Montreal Analytics.

Regional Partner of the Year (EMEA): Biztory

Acceptance speech by Joe Clarke, Director at Biztory:

Partnering with Fivetran has been a game changer for us and we're delighted to be recognized as their EMEA Partner of the Year. The technology unlocks so much more potential for our customers looking to analyse all their data and the synergies we've found with the team at Fivetran have really enabled us to skill up and start delivering value very quickly. Looking forward to many more years to come.

And here's the Bizstory team receiving their award along with Eleanor Thompson, their Fivetran Partner Manager:

Regional Rising Star (EMEA): CIS Consulting

For the acceptance speech, see "Fivetran Named CIS Consulting Award-Winning EMEA Rising Star" by Florent Micand, Head of Data Solutions at CIS Consulting.

Regional Innovation Partner (EMEA): Infinite Lambda

Acceptance speech by Nas Radev, CEO at Infinite Lambda:

We are thrilled to be named Fivetran’s EMEA Innovation partner of the year! We see Fivetran’s technology as a significant enabler to organisations of any size and data maturity. It has certainly been enabling us to deliver significant impact to our clients. We are excited to see Fivetran continue to push the boundaries of modern ELT and democratise access to data.

Regional Partner of the Year (APAC): Servian

Acceptance speech by David Emery, National Managing Partner at Servian:

To be recognised as Fivetran Regional Partner of the year is a great honour. Working collaboratively to achieve excellence and perform high-quality work are amongst a couple of our key company values, and this award celebrates just that.

Regional Rising Star (APAC): Goldstone Technologies

Acceptance speech by Pavan Chavali, Executive Director at Goldstone Technologies Ltd. (GTL):

Alignment of ideologies is key to any successful partnership. We at GTL are passionate about educating our customers on the importance of having a comprehensive data strategy and Fivetran are the champions of the "modern data stack" ideology. With Fivetran, we are helping our customers spend more time on higher value analytics rather than engineering and manually building data pipelines. The partnership is off to a great start and we are honoured to be recognised with this award.

Read the Goldstone team's acceptance speech in its entirety.

Regional Innovation Partner (APAC): Classmethod

Acceptance speech by Yuji Kanemoto, Engineering Manager at Classmethod:

We are honored to receive this illustrious award. Fivetran is the latest ELT solution that facilitates the collection of data from various SaaS and helps to build an effective data analysis infrastructure. We are encouraged by this award and will continue to work hard to help our customers in Japan make the most of their data. We look forward to Fivetran's continued support for the Japanese market.

Read the Classmethod team’s acceptance speech in its entirety.

A massive congrats to all of our award recipients — we can’t wait to see what we achieve together next!

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