How We Empower and Support Women at Fivetran

A look at our approach to empowering and supporting the amazing women of our workforce.
August 31, 2020

In March 2019, Fivetran launched a new employee resource group called Fivetran Women.

The group’s mission is: “Fivetran Women connects, educates and empowers all female-identifying women and their allies at Fivetran through social impact, professional development, intersectional support and advocacy.”

What makes Fivetran Women special is that we’re living the mission in a real way. Here's how.

We seek to connect

Every month we meet as a group to discuss our experiences, share our strengths and struggles, and identify actionable next steps. Topics discussed include negotiating salary, feeling alone in male-dominated spaces, and supporting working mothers. These discussions build community through support and encourage members to take action to make Fivetran a better place for women to work.

We look to educate one another

Every month we try to have an education session, where a speaker comes and shares their expertise with our women and allies. Sessions that we’ve enjoyed include interviews with women in leadership at other organizations, a financial advisor sharing best practices for women to manage their finances, and a public speaking expert running exercises with our group.

In addition to educating our own team, we’ve also engaged with the community to help educate and empower women in our community. Earlier this year, some of our team went to a local high school in Oakland called Life Academy and talked to girls there about our career journeys.

This summer, a few members from Fivetran Women also served as mentors for a data science bootcamp run by Kode with Klossy. This amazing organization provides a free coding camp across the country for girls aged 13-18.

We empower each other

Through discussions, our group has taken action. We've encouraged leadership to focus on women in leadership throughout the organization, and our leadership has taken action to measurably increase the share of women on our executive leadership team and across the entire global company. The support and power of a group of women instead of a single voice is immeasurable and together we can move mountains.

We seek to fan the flame

Does your organization have a similar structure for empowering women? If you’d like more information, please reach out! Tweet us @fivetran and we’ll be in touch to field your question!

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