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The easiest way to improve your data teams’ impact

With 99.9% platform uptime, 180+ fully managed connectors, and automatic updates, it’s now easier than ever to make all of your data a driving force in your company’s future.

Centralize everything.
Code nothing.

Instantly access hundreds of your most powerful data sources & databases.

Your databases, covered

On-prem or in the cloud, replicating your databases has never been easier.

Smart extracts & low-impact queries

Keep your system running smoothly and efficiently.

Self-healing & fully managed

Fivetran automatically adapts to API and schema changes so you don’t have to.

Low-latency, complete data centralization

Easily bring high volumes of data into a destination of your choice.

Change capture efficiency

Reliable updates keep data fresh without overloading your destination.

Fully documented

Navigate data faster with robust ERDs and extensive documentation.

Automatic schema drift handling

Continuous updates so you’re never waiting on the newest data.

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Transform your data with prebuilt data models

Level up your analytics and watch your business grow.

Accuracy you can count on

Models automatically refresh as soon as data loads.

Prebuilt data models

Save critical engineering time with out-of-the-box models.

Modern & adaptable.

Transformations at the speed of your business

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Incredibly reliable. Seriously secure.

99.9% platform uptime. A whole team of engineers and customer support. And more compliance certifications than any other ELT platform.

Meet our customers

Autodesk is all in on the modern data stack

“Fivetran completely changed our data extraction workflow. We save a tremendous amount of time by eliminating the need to build & maintain data pipelines internally.”

Evin Anderson, Data Engineering Manager
Data Stack
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“One of the biggest challenges is integrating data from all global partners. Now that we’re leveraging Fivetran, we can bring data into our ecosystem quickly and safely.”

Guli Zhu, Head of Marketing Analytics
Data Stack
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“Our Finance and accounting teams are working more on strategy, not tracking down numbers. With Fivetran, our time to value and insight is much faster.”

Perry Wang, Head of Analytics Engineering
Data Stack
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“The sales team has been able to upsell contracts based on the historical data that is now available to them. It’s a huge shift now that we’re data-driven.”

Euan Richard, Data Scientist
Data Stack
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