Accelerate analytics with integrated transformations.

Fivetran Transformations for dbt Core*.

Monitor pipelines, load data, and trigger dbt models to transform data, right from your Fivetran account.

Fivetran Data Models.

Turn fresh data into reliable reporting at record speed with pre-built Data Models for dbt.
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Data faster, smarter, and more powerful than ever before.


We model the freshest data as soon as it’s loaded so that your analytics team always has the latest and most complete picture.


SQL empowers teams to build custom models — no new languages or complex tools to learn.


Faster delivery of new reports speeds development process, saving critical engineering time.

Even more to offer.

Extract + Load
Pull data from hundreds of sources and load into destinations of your choice.
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Comprehensive security, privacy, and governance, from source to destination.
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Get 24/7 support and guidance from global technical teams.
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