Power your analytics with data transformations

Transform your data

Manage your end-to-end ELT pipelines with Fivetran Transformations for dbt Core*. Orchestrate, automate and simplify your data workflows — all from your Fivetran dashboard.

Modernize your ELT

Advanced features take your transformations to the next level.

Integrated scheduling

Automatically trigger model runs following the completion of connector syncs.

Data lineage graphs

Track how data moves and changes from connector to warehouse to BI tool.

Alerts and notifications

Centralize and manage connector and transformation alerts in Fivetran for simplified troubleshooting.

Accelerate your time-to-insights

Fivetran develops and maintains data models for dbt to provide you a low-code solution that saves crucial data engineering resources. Easily turn raw single or multi-source data into reliable, analytics-ready data sets to accelerate time-to-value.

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Faster, smarter and more powerful data


Model the newest data immediately after it’s loaded to your destination so that your analytics team has access to the freshest data sets for analysis and decision-making.


SQL-based transformations and UI scheduling empower your teams to transform data — no new languages or complex tools required.


Use prebuilt data models to quickly answer ad hoc questions and deliver new reports while saving critical engineering time.

Even more to offer

Extract + load
Pull data from hundreds of sources and load into destinations of your choice.
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Comprehensive security, privacy, and governance, from source to destination.
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Get 24/7 support and guidance from global technical teams.
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