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Achieve broader insights with your SAP data. Get continuous real-time replication to your cloud-based destinations.

Optimize delivery of your SAP data with high-volume replication (HVR)

Get the data you need right when you need it — with minimal effort, maximum scalability and low impact on your SAP systems.


AppConnect is a SAP-licensing-compliant feature that enables log-based change data capture to replicate data without direct access to the application database.


Seamless integration with the SAP dictionaries allows HVR to obtain up-to-date definitions for pools and cluster tables, including custom Z columns and long text tables, without any additional footprint from the SAP source.

Table Explore

With Table Explore, you can easily select source tables for replication based on the selection of functional SAP modules such as sales and distribution, plant maintenance, and more.

HVR SAP architecture

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