Powered by Fivetran

Your app. Our pipelines. Working as one.

Powered by Fivetran is the easiest way for your customers to connect their data to your software product.

Effortlessly connect to your customers’ data

Embed data pipelines into the fabric of your product’s user experience.

One API for everything

Programmatically create connectors, sync data, and get real-time updates.

Embeddable authentication UI

Let customers connect data themselves through a Fivetran user interface or through your own custom-built auth experience.

Postman collection

Quickly test the Fivetran API with templated calls for every endpoint.

Build answer-generating apps, not pipelines

A team of 200+ engineers keep your customers’ data flowing.

Expertly curated schemas

Schema designs and ERDs make synced data immediately usable.

Self-healing & fully managed

Pipelines automatically update to APIs and schema changes so you don’t have to.

180+ prebuilt integrations

Instantly add new sources of customer data that enrich your product’s analytics.

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Because data doesn’t magically model itself

Transform data into analytics-ready tables as soon as it’s loaded into your warehouse.

Pre-built data models

Spend less time writing transformation code with our out-of-the-box data modeling.

Triggered jobs

Set a dbt model to run each time your customers’ data is synced.

Integrated dbt orchestration

Connect to any git repository and manage dbt models directly from Fivetran.

Fivetran Transformations and dbt

Embedded inside apps just like yours

Develop and deliver your product with the utmost confidence in ours.

Our 99.9% guarantees

Uptime and data delivery guarantees ensure your customers’ data never goes stale.

24/7 technical support. Response in 1-hour.

Troubleshoot fast with a global team of Support Specialists.

Implementation best practices

Get technical guidance from our resident Solution Architects.

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Built to handle the most sensitive data

Keep your customers’ data safe with column blocking and hashing, end-to-end encryption, and more compliance certifications than any other ELT platform.

Meet our customers

“The integration between our platform and Fivetran is incredible. We set it in motion and Fivetran just works. It runs itself.”

Shubham Sinha, Head of Engineering
Data Stack
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“It would take two people a year to do what we've done with Fivetran in 10 minutes. So is it really worth it? Yeah."

Jason Stinnett, Associate Data Engineer at Seer
Data Stack
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“Powered by Fivetran helps our product team get to market faster with our app and focus efforts on developing the embedded analytics that make it competitive.”

Eric Westerkamp, CEO
Data Stack
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