New and upcoming connectors and data models

Keep track of new releases for our data connectors and data models for dbt with this regularly-updated list.

This post is updated monthly. Last updated on: JULY 25TH, 2022

At Fivetran, we’re always developing new connectors and data models that make it easier for customers to access and transform data. Below, you’ll find up-to-date lists of our new and upcoming releases.

Here’s a quick rundown of what we mean when we say a data connector is in “beta” or “private preview” — we release them in phases to ensure reliability.

Fivetran beta releases are available to anybody with a Fivetran account. Beta releases are intended to test functionality with a broad audience, and are available to any customer who wishes to use them. In beta, the functionality is complete, and the goal is to test more edge cases. We address issues as soon as possible.

We also have private preview versions of new features or connectors that we release to a small group of customers to verify functionality and address issues. Releases in the private preview phase are hidden from non-participating users. Private preview releases are likely to be missing some functionality, and have known or unknown issues. We cannot guarantee a quick resolution to these issues during the private preview phase.

Please reach out to us at if you’d like to learn more about the private preview program for a specific data source. More information on our release phases can be found here. 

Beta (for anyone with a Fivetran account)

Solution Category Supported Data Sources
Databases AWS DocumentDB
Engineering Analytics Logging Splunk
Finance Analytics Expense Software NetSuite ( data source)
Accounting Sage Intacct
Human Resources ADP Workforce Now
Workday HCM
ERP Financial Force
Marketing Analytics Website Google Analytics 4
Paid Ads Amazon Ads
Product Analytics Event Tracking Branch
Sales Analytics eCommerce Salesforce Commerce Cloud
Support Analytics CX Qualtrics
Other Events Azure Event Hubs
AWS Managed Streaming for Kafka (MSK)
Files Airtable

Private preview: For Fivetran Customers

Solution Category Supported Data Sources
Databases Elastic Elasticsearch
Elastic OpenSearch
Marketing Analytics Website Tracking Google Analytics 4 Export
Paid Ads The Trade Desk
ERP SAP Business ByDesign
Support Analytics CX Medallia
Other Events Azure Service Bus

Upcoming: For Fivetran Customers

Reach out to us at to be added to the alert list for a specific connector listed below.

Solution Category Supported Data Sources
Finance Analytics Billing PayPal
Operations Analytics IT Service Management Freshservice
Sales Analytics eCommerce BigCommerce
Marketing Analytics Paid Ads Reddit Ads
Databases Databases OpenSearch
Databases Destinations as a Source Snowflake as a Source

If you have a data source not found above, and not present in our full connector list, please reach out to us through our feature request portal.

New Data Model Releases: For all Fivetran Accounts

Data models are standalone dbt projects with packaged SQL scripts to transform raw data into analytics-ready datasets. Fivetran develops and maintains data models for popular sources and we are continually adding more sources — the full list can be found here.

Solution Category Supported Data Sources
Finance Analytics ERP Sage Intacct Data Model
Marketing Analytics Social Media Social Media Reporting Package
This model aggregates data from Facebook Pages, Instagram Business, LinkedIn Company Pages, Twitter Organic.
Paid Ads TikTok Ads
eCommerce Analytics eCommerce Shopify Holistic Reporting
This model aggregates data from Shopify and Klayvio.

Accelerate your analytics workflows by integrating dbt Core, an open-source, free SQL-based transformation tool created by dbt Labs with Fivetran Transformations. Orchestrate your end-to-end ELT pipelines in Fivetran with integrated scheduling to trigger data model runs following connector syncs.

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